Monday Night I Reckon

Drove 35 minutes to go on plant fir 5 minutes and be told to go home and come back tomorrow.

Fuck off. Might get a cheeky mcds breakfast

think they might have stopped serving breakfast by now mate

fo, m

not really, you cunt

Another vote for what a waste of a day, feeling total malaise. Gonna eat some pizza later, so we’ll see if that cheers me up a bit.

Fish pie for dinner. Might take a stroll to take a test photo for an upcoming shoot.

Got a thread you’ll like…

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It’s got to that point in winter where my paltry electric heaters no longer warm my flat enough :slightly_frowning_face:

Popped some ‘energising’ incense on, come on energy

It smells right nice anyway, so even if I don’t get energised that’s still good

I’m a bit chilly

I was introspective and sad earlier

and now I’m just introspective and kind of sad

but I’m also sitting next to a Christmas tree

the Christmas tree is Christmassy

as a Christmas tree is wont to be


Some interesting data on this

Can’t believe I used the Electric boogaloo thing, I dont even get that.

congratulations on your beautiful tortilla

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loads of disers remind me of Xander/ Chandler

Good luck matey, you’ll get through it then it’s time off time!

Stressful day today but also counting down the days. Watching The Morning Show with a cat on my legs.

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Shrewbie is:

  • Monica
  • Phoebe
  • Rachel
  • Ross
  • Chandler
  • Joey

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I’m Phoebe’s normal boyfriend, Mike


I’ve had beans on toast for lunch and dinner :woman_shrugging:


You’ve won Monday.

Everyone out.

The present i bought myself has been posted today. Bit anxious though as its delicate and I messaged her three times staying “hi, I’m actually outside your studio several times this week so I can pick up”, it better make it in one piece.

I present to you the utterly pointless ceramic bell lady