Monday night is for the dissers

Wuu2? Waiting for my train into London, listening to Burial. Freaking out about a load of things that I keep telling myself aren’t important but actually are.


You’ll be grand mate. Just take things as they come.

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I have done so much frigging overtime the last week that if I make it to Christmas with my sanity intact it will be a miracle

11 hours into my working day and only 4 more appendices to draft onto a massive contract and then a report update to the board to write ready for the morning (I am also at home with the 6yo who I will shortly have to put to bed cos her mum is also stupid busy for a stupid massive thing tomorrow)


as for you prof …surf the adrenaline wave, that’s my only advice

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Got some Vicks vapour rub like I used to use when I was a kid and it has sorted my sinuses right out! Rubbed some on my nose, bosh, I can breathe again. Happy as a slightly germy pig in mud.

Gonna decorate the house xxx





@moderators merge?

Evening, just bought some solid shampoo and conditioner and solid toothpaste from lush so I can take it on planes and stop using the little hotel bottles.

Going here for dinner tonight, what should I have (bearing in mind I can’t taste or smell anything)

‘Unlikely Animal friends’ or ‘cute/funny animals’

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  • synth demo
  • mad giant Japanese insects forced to fight each other to the death in a glass tank
  • Pimple popper

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Pork belly and some mac balls.

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Only into giant Japanese insects fighting to the death when it’s men in costumes and/or they are fighting godzilla or a super sentai team really.

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But enough about my physical description :grin:

Giant Hornet v Praying Mantis is a battle for the ages

Not for me mate. Making animals fight for human sport isn’t for me.

What about a dog and a shirehorse who are partners in the chiropractor business?
“hello, Hollywood?”


Feel hopelessly depressed again

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That is exactly what I think I will have


Pictures please, this menu is making me starving.


Making another cornflake tart. I’m out of control.