Monday night of a thousand suns

Feeling a bit sad. Coming to the end of my time away from work and had a lovely time. My grandpa is also in hospital and not in a good way apparently. Waiting for a bit more clarity on the sitch, but not sounding good.

I’m having a wine! So stress so warm sorry @aboynamedgoo

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oh no, rich. sending love :heart:


him indoors is making pizza

need to clean my bike but cba

Thinking of you my friend, you know where I am.


I had this for lunch. Surprisingly egg-like

So many better ciders. Come to Devon, we’ll have some beach can.

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Sorry, that’s tough. Big social distanced hopes to you from over here

Make it stop


:mage: :crossed_swords: :imp: :dragon:

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Enjoying the heat slightly less but still so much better than any day of weather between Nov-Feb period :beach_umbrella:


raining here

you cunt

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Having a prosecco and with good reason, it’s today’s important anniversary at the gnomevery household. You know how we love an important anniversary, round these parts.

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I had a no beer day yesterday, so I’m allowed a beer tonight, right?

(I may have had a bottle of cider in the garden, and a g&t ice pop, but they’re not beer are they?)

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The air is so thick, it actually feels heavy
Making me tired so I’ve had to make a coffee so I can finish my last assignment by midnight :hot_face:

Really want to do some writing/recording but work/house shit/heat means I can’t, fucking boooooo

“I mean to have you, boy, even if it must be McBurglary.”

  • current weather
  • weather of a random day between nov-feb

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prob my 4th weather poll of the day. i have nothing else.

Why is “Breaking Bad” an anagram of ‘baking bread’?

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