Monday night thread

Look what I’ve got for dinner.


Cor, that looks good. No idea what’s for tea here tbh. Was meant to be bubble and squeak. But apparently not.

Bought some DM boots :grimacing:


Fuuuuuuuuck. That looks great.

Hi Tilty, hello everyone else,

I feel exhausted today. I cannot be bothered cooking or doing anything much :zzz: someone tell me how to spend my evening please.

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I’ve had a chai and some toast with gouda on that arrived at xmas as a sub for some brie.

It was not goud(a)

Have to work tonight as I didn’t get it finished today :sob:

Probably going to be up late but all I want to do is start embroidering as I’ve got a really nice idea for a new project that I can’t wait to see complete!


Just had a quiche and now I’m gonna play some virtual reality mini golf

Evening all!

Doing spag bol (of sorts) for tea.

Going to watch the football and have a beer later.

Entertaining the dog will be an ongoing project throughout the evening.

Looks yum :yum: What’s underneath the toast?

We had roasted butternut squash, feta and (wholewheat) spaghetti. Was tasty but comparatively joyless.

I need to log off my laptop as I’m reaching the 12 hour mark. I’ve not been working solidly for that whole time but still.


Oops it tilted my pic. Made it look like upside down peas all over again.


Gonna pick up a takeaway on my way home and then watch a three-part x files episode. Might have a bath and then read in bed if i’m feeling really wild. (Yes, it is my birthday.)


Happy birthday @ericVII :shaved_ice::birthday::cake::lollipop::candy::custard::pie::cupcake:


Coupla mushrooms :grin:

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Alright? Got kievs, chips and peas for tea. Doing the ol’ bread-under-the-kiev trick and everything. Gonna watch the football and drink one (1) Guinness I think.


Evening. Had carbonara for tea. Going to ring my parents in a bit then watch the football. That’s it I think

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Going to do calisthenics :roll_eyes: and then yoga :roll_eyes::roll_eyes::roll_eyes: what have I become.
The Jam thread has coincided/ influenced me starting to get more of my chaotic bands stuff mixed, liking the results

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Had my veg curry for tea but it was very underwhelming tbh. It must’ve been my choice of veg tbf because The Spice Tailor never normally lets me down! Gonna jazz up the leftovers tomorrow lunch time and dollop it on some naans and grate cheese on top like the filthy lady I am.
Speaking of filthy ladies, why do cats only like drinking the water out of their fountains when it’s gross and you haven’t cleaned it for a few days? This tiny beast even goes out of her way to get some food in her mouth and carry it to the fountain where she’ll promptly spit it out and lap up the horrible gunky soup she’s made.

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Did everyone see that lizzo eats oreos with mustard

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I believe that is a popular TikTok ‘thing’.

Oh. Maybe I’ll try it then

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You are the member of this community most likely to try a popular TikTok ‘thing’, I think.

After the cooking videos some of us shared today, along with the fact I’ve just borne witness to a video on there of Jeremy Vine doing a TikTok dance, and now THIS, it might be time for me to delete the app altogether