Monday night thread


What’s good on Monday night then? We’re having pasta bake for dinner after getting the sainsburys delivery all wrong at the weekend.

Might go for a wander to buy some Cloudwater Chubbles later

I bought a pepsi max cherry just to get the bottle so I can put water in it. It’s not very nice

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Back home from work earlier than usual which is nice

This eve we’ll be eating beef bourguignon and then playing a board game, coz it is board game Monday


I’ve got a potato baking in the oven and I’m unusually excited about it. Gonna have it with some tuna and cheese and salad. YES.

Going to watch The Dropout. Had big plans to watch a load of new releases but none of them are out til Friday. I AM RAGING.


hiya gonna go gym and do shquats and then come home and eat a big plate of pasta with sun dried toms and halloumi and probably drink cider

me mam got stuck in the bath for a couple of hours last week and she’s not been able to walk since and she’s just turning the corner a bit now. very relieved. don’t get stuck in the bath people

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Wanted: Chinese
Having: leftover misery pasta

Wanted: to write
Having: to do admin

Of course, I may well yet go rogue and just sit down for a while doing none of the above.

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Done some work on our sealed bid letter for a house we really want, Sainos delivery arrived, had bbq marinated pork steaks, sauté potatoes and peas for tea, got some Creme Egg ice cream for later and some shit TV on and thats Monday!


Evening all!

Managed to do all of the things I needed to do today, including buying a toilet seat and tracking down a student who’d gone a bit ghost on coursework day.

We had miso aubergines for tea and Wor Lass has recovered enough to do bedtime tonight. I deserve a beer but I’m not drinking until Friday so I’ll have a glass of tonic instead.

Cooking up chilli

Take dog for a walk

Watch nonsense telly. Or Starstruck if kids aren’t about.

Be asleep by half nine I reckon.

I’m making a Monday night Spag Bol.

I’m not sure how it started, but Monday generally rotates between a Spag Bol or a chilli.

Then watching Palace v Man City on the TV. I should be going but my ribs are still really tender post covid, and I’ll be in bed when the final whistle goes.

Just got back from hospital. I got 4 things on my mum’s list wrong, and now I’ve whacked some bbq ribs in the oven from the freezer and just seen they needed to be defrosted for at least 12 hours first.

Why am I such a loser


Still working :expressionless:

Leftover cucumber peanut noodles thing later on. And rewatching GoT so probably that too.

Bought some chocolate raisins too so I’m pretty excited for them.

2hrs into a 12hr night shift. Wonderful

Such bullshit.

The ribs might take longer to cook than it says but they’ll be fine.

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@rich-t im gonna get lasagne on time on a weeknight and you can’t even stop me

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@Funkhouser new one that might fit nicely on the hazy sweet sad playlist RT made ya

One of my fav of the genre

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So very tired

Watching L’Amant Double

Got horrific period related symptoms so am sitting in a really hot bath.


Finally started the third of Mantel’s Cromwell trilogy a couple of nights ago. Gonna read me a bit more of that and try not to think about takeaway

^ Every night of my life