Monday night thread


Early cause I’m currently waiting in a cafw and bored. First thread I’ve made on mobile.

Hiiiiii :wave:


Ffs auto correct. You’re gonna fix everything else but “cafw”?!?!







First day back at old/new job. Good to be back. Now in pub. Yay.


burritos for tea :stuck_out_tongue: :burrito: got to turn down a job that i previously was turned down for. everything’s coming up erichouse.


It’s an Oscar Peterson kind of evening.



still feel hopelessly hungover. i can’t even think of what to have for supper. please help me.


I’m at The Red Arts Café, Dalston waiting for my chicken cop shish to turn up. Then a Fatboy Slim gig at the nearby Oxfam.


I’m in the pub waiting for my opponent to arrive for the top cut of this Netrunner tournament.



Get fucking in amongst em Epimer!!


COME ON EPIMER! I’m not a prize
I’m not a cynic or one of those guys

COME ON EPIMER! I’m not a rope
Now pull your socks up

COME ON EPIMER! I’m not a child
I’m not special or one of a kind

COME ON EPIMER! I’m not a drunk,
I know my own worth,
I’m an adult!


I just did a sick. it has not made me feel better.




Any tips on how to get a girlfriend?


Is there any easy way to access netflix usa now theyve blocked hola and that


Just on a train back from meeting a client for uni project, waste of time and money

Got a horrible group situation to deal with in the morning which involves me either being a snide cunt or being in a shit group

I get no joy from life and I’m fed up


You need to change the past