Monday night thread

Evening folks. I see people are still posting in the day thread an hour post official evening thread time. We can’t be having that kind of anarchy, so here’s an evening thread.

To kick off the conversation, I walked past a sign earlier which made claims about “the nation’s favourite crustacean”. What do you think that could be?

  • Crab
  • Prawn
  • Crayfish
  • Lobster
  • Barnacle

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had mushroom stroganoff for tea, was underseasoned, bit sad

let the cat out (supervised) for the first time and she already figured out that she can get on the school grounds nextdoor so that’s good ffs.

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Other: woodlouse


Oh yeah, I took a (terrible) picture of the sign, just in case that might sway anyones vote

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Evening, had a nap, need to get up for a wee but cba.

Was gonna have another takeaway as last night of my ‘holiday’ but still full-ish from lunch at 13th note.

  • Dont get a takeaway
  • Get a takeaway anyway, can just save leftover til tomorrow
  • See how you feel later

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Evening all :wave:

I’m in the Peak District! Journey wasn’t too bad as we avoided the M6 and stopped at a couple of English Heritage places on the way. Classic dad behaviour.

The first place was absolutely teeming with swallows - gorgeous. I tried to get some photos of them but none of the pics worked. You can just about see a couple in the window pic.


Got really angry with my son earlier. Feel like a shit dad now.

Roasted veg, feta, olives and pitta for tea. Nothing else doing.


Painted half the kitchen this afternoon.

Had chicken pittas for tea

Going to take doglet for another quick spin and then have a beer.

Had a pretty full on day then came home and packed some more stuff. Very tired now. Had BHS for tea, might have some cake in a bit, who knows.

I think prawns must be far and away the most widely eaten in the UK out of that list, but have a feeling the Padstow sign might be referring to a different one.

After 20 minutes and no correct answers I can reveal that it was the National Lobster Hatchery making claims about the nations favourite crustacean. I’ve got nothing against lobsters, but I’m glad you are all unanimous in your agreement that they aren’t the nations favourite

tory prawns


I think the favourite bit may have been misleading - it wasn’t favourite to eat

Would people change their votes with this new info?

Yeah boy!!!

New 2nd Grade

Lobsters are my favourite crustacean and therefore the rest of the nation should fall in line soon.


I’ve only had lobster a couple of times and it was quite disappointing given how they’re supposedly this delicious luxury food. Not as good as prawns and more hassle to eat


Prawns are in first place, crabs are second and lobsters are langoustine in third

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Holy mackerel!

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Bbq lobster is the best.