Monday night

Alright! How are you?

Had a shit day - found out at the end of the day that one of my freelancers working on my project fucked up which has put us about a month behind where we need to be. Finish date can’t move so it’s just going to be a bit of a shit project instead. Really annoying, and partly my fault which is frustrating.

Oh well. I’m about to eat a fish finger sandwich which should help things.

HBU pals?

hullo ssf. i’ve just gorged on gnocchi and now i’ve left the tv alone so she can watch game of boobies. i’m watching the keepers instead which is just unrelentingly bleak. prob just go to bed at 9 tbh.

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have to work


going to go form a run at 8.30 ish to blow the cobwebs out

also had the inlaws staying which is a bit ‘SHUTUPSHUTUPSHUTUP’

'lo ssf and eric and chris-budget,

Just had a nice dinner, it was pretty healthy so obviously I’m still starving. I went to the fridge to pick up a kitkat afterwards then decided against it and slowly and very sadly put it back :cry:

Going to slap a film on and potter away on my computer for the rest of the evening.

P.S. Pretty jealous of your fish finger sandwich :drooling_face:

Sorry Witches, KitKat’s should not be kept in the fridge. :wink:

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Salad for dinner. Twas great, in a leafy kind of way.

Just about to eat a KitKat that I got from the kitchen cupboard.


Haha, I’m sorry but you are incorrect. All chocolate should be kept in the fridge.


just made some tasty healthy food, I have no kit kats :frowning:
gonna stick a film on and then maybe go to bed early and read for a bit.
feel kinda guilty for being indoors as it’s still gorgeous out

Start a thread about that, and see DiS go into meltdown!!

Ach, I reckon it would be 50/50.

Ban request.

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Evening all!

Egg-fried some rice and stir-fried some vegetables which was quite nice. Followed it with a Muller toffee yoghurt and some raspberries which was excellent.

Will probably watch things on Netflix until bed.

I’ll be tucking into some ice cream and home grown strawberries later!

What’s your take on chocolate being in or out the fridge? Asking for a mate.

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melty chocolate is the worst :tired_face: I’m a very warm being, if I hold chocolate in my hand for longer than a few seconds it starts to melt.

EDIT: Actually, when I worked at the cinema we used to keep the tubs of chocolates in the fridge sometimes!!

where do you keep your ice cream cb?

  • Freezer
  • Fridge
  • Cupboard

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the sandwich wasn’t that good :frowning: wrong bread

Still working, albeit from home. Might order a pizza for comfort food purposes.

i’m watching Bear About the House: Living with My Supersized Pet.


I much prefer chocolate (Giant Milk Buttons, for example) with the snap that comes from the fridge, however chocolate biscuits (Kit Kat) are generally better at room temperature.