Monday night

You’re such a people pleaser :stuck_out_tongue:

fuuuck I want chocolate now

… that’s been kept in the fridge, right?

Natural Diplomat.


Hello all! I’m just back from band practice and I am SWEATING. It’s been a beautiful day here, spent some of it by the river with some friends which was nice.

Probably going to watch some episodes of Gundam Wing tonight. It has aged so fucking badly that I might sack it off and read at some point.

Also, chocolate should be in the fridge. I’ve got your back @witches .


Hung out in the meadows for a bit after work then went for a run. Tucking into a carbonara just now and about to stick on game of thrones

Can’t stop watching this

Just insane.


bet he scrapped his back something horrible

Is there an Edinburgh Festival thread yet?

And do you know what, YOU’RE under citizen’s arrest

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Fell asleep two hours ago, dreamt that I had a huge crab on my head that got on after I opened the fridge whilst trying to find my kids’ swimming costumes. I thought it was dead until it started moving and freaked me out. Then I turned around to see Henry Winkler throwing stuff into a magic hat that he’d flattened on the grass and turned it into a huge hole before disappearing down it himself. When I placed my foot in it I just felt solid earth. Damn The Fonz / Barry’s Zuckercorn / Mr Rock and his devious illusions.

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Hamster is going crazy trying to gnaw his way out of one of the plastic bits of his cage and making a racket. Soooo fucking loud.

I don’t think so? You got tickets for anything yet?

I’d go one step further than this: freezer

Interesting… for all chocolate or just certain kinds? I would imagine anything with toffee in it would chip a tooth here and there

all chocolate. it’s the only thing that can slow me down when munching a mars bar

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My teeth are all weird and loose at the moment, I’d be worried it would just pull them clean out.


I know, it is hot stuff.

should I eat:

  • a bowl of frosties
  • a fab

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