Monday Night

Alright everyone?! It’s officially evening time and I’m spending mine driving to Manchester :slightly_frowning_face:. What’s cooking, what are you watching, any other business?

Evening laelfy. Watching Saturday’s MOTD. Out for £1 pizzas soon

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Cooking: just a straight from the fridge job - fish cakes, mash, peas and sweetcorn and then homemade cookies

Watching: the Walking Dead

AOB: will have to hang some washing up when it’s done :neutral_face:

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I don’t think you should be posting on DiS while driving


Haven’t left yet you cheeky scamp

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Hello. I am cold.

Hello cold, I’m Colin.

sorry not sorry.


I was in the car with someone who was browsing the internet while driving at the weekend. it freaked my nut out, I’ll tell you that

On train to Newbury for an overnight stay for work. Will need to find something to eat (pub?) and then probably be watching YouTube videos for the evening or something.

In a shite mood. It’s that time when I need to chase late invoices and get nowt but condescending replies in return. Gonna just have a bit of a sulk this evening methinks.

I’m making a terrine, and I’m starting the process of making a spiced plum jelly.

Train Dog


Evening all. I’m pretty tired zzzzzzz. Chicken thighs and med veg. Gonna have some peppermint tea and watch nigella. Boring.

I need to say it again

SO I get home and I’ve got a nice little kickstarter book but my housemates friend has scribbled some message all over the packaging saying thanks for having me and how they’re a good host but the post was clearly for me and they’ve just come along and scribbled on it. It even includes a family guy quote from that old man what the heck are people doing going through the world like this.

other than that i’m fine.


oh yeah, I’m eating some chinese takeaway leftovers and chips. where does that rate on the grimness scale?


I’m back in the motherland. -3 degrees and a bit of snow. Might as well start preparing for Christmas cause this time of year gets pretty bleak around here. Also I’ve bought one of the Christmas dresses from Primark and I love it.

Also, just realised I had way more episodes to go of The Punisher than I thought I did! Hooray!


Sounds pretty good tbh

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I was doing almost that exact joke this morning on the school run. It earned me a volley of barrelling punches to my stomach :frowning:

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Properly fell asleep on the train on the way home. Going to find something simple for dinner - not sure what - have a bath and then just go to sleep.

Train dog has left us :sob:

In related news, Reading station is much bigger and more modern than I remember.

This post is better suited to Friday banal, apologies.