Monday Night

Killer day with kids all having taken horrid juice for breakfast or something. Home to my kids being horrible as well…is there a new moon?

Just put on washing, hoovered, dusted and done bathrooms. Couldn’t face mopping so that can wait.

Now to do some dinner…no idea what…probably potato croquette based.

Oh and walking dead for later. Going to need that double decker I’ve been saving after today.

Although all I have eaten so far is hot cross bun, jam tart,gingerbread snowman and a bakewell tart so maybe that explains my mood. :smiley:

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I definitely would have come, but I was in Germany. what did you get up to?

when’s the next one???


Typical Sagittarius

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I’m having a pint after work but before band practice. I’m in that job for a maximum of nine more days by my reckoning. Thank fuck the council got on to me today, my stress levels were through the fucking roof.

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I was also recently impressed with Reading station, as it happens! Bought some fancy chocolates there and everything.


sounds good. can’t believe I missed out on embarassing ruffers.

Just read the Bogart thread. Sterling work guys.


Was only a fleeting visit (about 90 seconds) but I noticed they’ve made everything look bright and shiny, plus they’ve added a load of escalators.

It’ll get ruined next August when the festival comes round.

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We’re off to the pub for dinner as we’ve still got no kitchen and ive had enough ready meals.

I need to hoover up builders dust, but the cats just come in after being out all day hiding from the builders so that would be mean.

It’s pretty much @sadpunk’s magnum opus.


not sure what to cook as i had quite a big lunch. might have soup.

today was my first day back at work after a week off and i had a bad case of cba. however despite claiming he’d be far too busy to do anything, the person who was covering for me managed to do everything including some stuff that probably could have waited for me to get back, so i wasn’t as busy as i was expecting to be today. i came back to 147 emails which is 3 off what i guessed it would be, pretty good guess i reckon

Kept flicking back to it during the day. Shows that classic DiS errors are still possible.

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I used to go in hotel chocolate there and ‘browse’ until I was offered chocolate, then never buy any thing. Take that capitalism.


Made a terrible thai curry because I was rushing. Now scoffing to get it in my mouth before japanese.

Ordered loads of tapas ingredients online.

Urgh. Sounds awful.


Wow. They still have slam door trains round here. Thought they’d been phased out years ago.

Putting off learning some Python coding by procrastinating here.