Monday Night

Evenin’ all! Having homemade pizzer for dinner.

Might try to get back on track with The Deuce tonight after getting sidetracked by Stranger Things.

Hello!! Pics of pretty dress pls :heart:


I had a very productive day, did everything I wanted to do, other than what I couldn’t do because I lost my only 1mm drill bit like an idiot, but then I did other things to make up for what I couldn’t do. So naturally I feel absolutely terrible now and wish I had just slept half the day instead. Why do I ever try to do things, I should have learnt by now :roll_eyes:

Have some Green & Blacks velvet edition though, so there’s that.

Still on the way home.

Bloody London.


gonna go get some fish

just made a stir fry so spicy that both my nose and eyes ran.


Later :kissing_heart:

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Mrs Scorpio and I had our twelve week scan today and baby is definitely there and definitely growing the way it should do. Having a beer to celebrate and enjoying mother in laws outrage at my ‘way too silly’ obligatory social media announcement photo.

Trigger warning: hairy man’s beer gut.



I love Gilmore Girls. I love it!!! drinking tea and watching gilmore girls this evening. It is cold. Would anyone like a celebration? I bought a massive bag of them and I need someone to help me not eat all of them myself :grimacing:


Congrats man. Just a couple of weeks behind us!


I love his hair pattern

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My neighbour just brought me a Double Decker round as she thought tonight was my uni night (she always drops off lecture treats for me), so I’m grappling with that - never been a fan of them but it’s alright actually.

Got loads of reading to do but just want to sleep, or read lots of things that aren’t the set text.

I’ve got a few hours to myself tomorrow if you wanted a mini tour of the city btw!


I had nothing for dinner so I made pasta with butter beans and tuna, didn’t even have any capers to save the day but the oil and vinegar dressing with just enough to make it tasty.

So uninspired to cook these days.

Yes! South Coast DiS Dads support group.

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At some point while R was settling to sleep he has done a really stinky poo in his nappy, now our room absolutely reeks :nauseated_face:. I really don’t want to have to wake him up for this, but it is pretty bad…



Sweaty head?


I find the image of just having a sweaty head pretty funny

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Can tie it in to our meet in the new year

Give him a scoosh of febreeze.