Monday night!


Alright! It’s Monday night, and what’s more it’s David Paich from Toto’s birthday today.

How will you be celebrating? I’m going make some pasta. I know how to party, David!


hold the line
evening thread isn’t always on time


Just had a post-viewing beer garden pint, which I’m classing a research.

Why has none of you glaswegians told me to go up the big hill in Queen Park before? Top views of ben lomond.



anyway hi flanders, unlucky, japes, assorted etcs.

got kicked in the balls by a lamb. it hurts.


Just heard someone say ‘it’s definitely taps aff’



I’m shattered. really want to go to sleep but have to stay up before I can go to the gym because for some reason monday is busy night.

might try a disco nap.


Mondays are international chest day brother :muscle::muscle::muscle::muscle:


Good evening. Just finished cycling, gonna shower and get a bbbq started. M&S pulled pork burgers (:man_shrugging:), halloumi and Greek salad for dins yo. Bought some Ting so gonna mix it with some gin :yum:


What do you think David’s up tonight?


what was it




mate that all sounds lush can i have some


I think he will be having a nice glass of wine with his wife Lorraine.


Get yourself over m9. The Ting might not stretch so these g&ts might be quite strong :crazy_face:


Finishing off some work after pretty painful start to the week. Then will reheat last night’s curry and watch some Taskmaster.


If I don’t get home soon this could be my first football free day in ages :scream:


This was good.


attempting to feed three overexcited large laaaambs


This video makes me very happy