Monday Night!

Hiiiii DiS,

How’s it going?
What you having for dinner?
What are you doing this evening?

I am okay thanks.
I am having left over curry.
I am waiting for the bf to go out so I can ART. Yaaasss.

Lots of love,


looks at watch

Its left over daal.

Shall I finish that email I was drafting?

  • Yes
  • No

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Might watch some African Cup of Nations

Had a really tiring day and was on a course that I was hoping would be not too taxing but was actually quite hard work and a long day (8.30-6! fuck off, I only work 7 hour days)

So now i want to do as little as possible but the washing up needs doing and I need to wash my hair and ugh cba.

time says 3 minutes past exactly the correct time to me! :wink:

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Oooo art! What are you making @Witches ? I keep meaning to ask if you ever did a print of the piece with the house and big stars and I think it has coppiced trees in the garden. I love that one so much. Would really like to buy one if so!

I was very motivated last week to embroider but now my freelance deadline isn’t looming, predictably, my desire to create a big sky wizard has vanished.

Anyway, had a lovely day (for a Monday). Just having a little kitchen disco now with M and going to watch Sightseers in bed later (Stone Club’s film club of the month :nerd_face:)


I just had two salmon fillets, baby spinach and courgette.

Soon I will go bath. Then maybe some Mario kart on the switch.


Leftover cauliflower cheese pie for tea. Will do a shop afterward. Thought leaving it a week between wearing my new DMs after they rubbed my heal was enough. Oh boy, no it wasn’t. Not by a long stretch. Annoying af.

evening witches; all

not bad, ta. spent this very grey day taking some photos in a graveyard and then working on the artwork layout for a very miserable album i’ve made. quite pleased about it all really. :coffin:

cba with much for tea, might have the vegan scampi i bought the other day. also gonna have a bath and watch a couple episodes of the tony sopranos show. i reckon that’ll do for a monday night tbh, don’t wanna go too wild eh. :bath:

eric xo


We were supposed to be making those pitta pizzas again for dinner. Realised as I was about to start making them that we didn’t buy any pittas.

Not sure what plan B is…

Leftover Shepherds Pie for dinner

No plans for tonight other than having a low impact night trying to recover from this stinking cold

Going to the shop to buy pittas?

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Today was kind of my Sunday, so now I’ve got the dread for tomorrow :cold_sweat:

Got started on a bit of work though, so I’m gonna reward myself with nice soup, Killing Eve and knitting. Aw yeah, that’s the stuff.

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Dinner of carbonara, starting new season of Euphoria

Managed to commit to new bedsheets in under an hour when the process has previously taken me whole weeks. Progress!

really struggling guys, sorry if I’m not around as much or as super fun as usual x

Stuff that.

It’ll either be bakey taytos or some description of takeaway.

Look after yourself bman xxx


Hello DiS.

Going to do the dishes, and go for a walk.

After this, I am going to consider ordering an SSD and RAM for my crap 2018 HP laptop in the hopes it can make the machine actually properly usable. I imagine this is easy but there seems to be a lot of abbreviations and brands and technical specifications and ahrrghh

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Just the 12 eliminations and a victory in Fortnite for me tonight, then.

Currently a vibrating ball of pure stress energy waiting for work stuff to resolve one way or the other so might go to bed as early as possible to speed up the passage of time.

Urgh so much work at the moment. I’m still working and will be for a while yet.

I am having leftover chilli for dinner :yum: