Monday Night!

Yep. Lab Retriever.

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I’ve read 3-6wks for optimum break in time. Luckily I have some of these which are incredible for blister protection

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Put BBC1 on now if you’ve ever wondered what Martin Freeman sounds like with a scouse accent

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Pretty good tbf

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Good lad, Martin Freeman. Feel as though he deserves more acclaim.

I feel like more people need to see this post than will click on my boring thread about projectors

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Good place for me to go to bed.

Night dis!

Sweet veiny dreams!

Ridges are good

I’ve got a whole presentation about them

Thread got weird

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Incredibly sharp teeth? Man I miss that puppy smell! Not the mess or the wee everywhere, but, the smell and the cuddles!

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Just had a vague distant memory of sitting on Peckham rye one hot hazy summer night in like 2015 watching the big lebowski on a big screen, smoking some herb and feel like crying cuz life probably won’t get better than that will it.

One of those where you’re so depressed you can’t even be arsed going to sleep

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If you have a separate sugar pot/jar/whatever, specifically for like, hot beverage sugars, do you;

  • Keep a teaspoon in the jar for ease
  • Absolutely not, that isn’t where spoons live

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Thank you in advance

Teaspoon in the sugar container but it is only used for portioning out the sugar and never for stirring it into a drink


Okay, I’ll just about allow it.
Something about it really stresses me out because I don’t like the idea of my other three teaspoons missing their friend. Might go online and buy a special teaspoon just for the jar.

Oh no, that’s exactly the kind of thing to make me feel sorry for an inanimate object too! I’d never thought of that and may have to return the tea spoon to the drawer. We hardly use the granulated sugar anyway

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Oh no! I’m sorry!

Just ordered a pair of very cute cat spoons online but fear I’ll feel bad for them too.

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