Monday Night

What’s going on? Tea? Watching? Surely none of you are going outside?

Tell us all about it.

Big bowl of pasta and a lie down on the couch for me but I’ll be in bed for 9.

I’m outside right now. Bringing our chippy tea home, gonna eat that, drink some ciders and watch X Files I reckon.

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Feeling a bit guilty about opening theads ngl.


Chip shop chips?


Frozen pizzas for tea. Just doing a garlic baguette as a starter.

Going to sit around with moderate levels of background annoyance because my bike is bost again. Find something on TV I suppose - Didn’t watch Call The Midwife last night, so there’s always that.

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Skipped yoga cos I’m tired and my day was already too hectic to be rushing off there

Going to the pub for a couple of pints and hopefully some pool if we can get on the table

Heating up some chilli from the freezer to go with some sweet potato fries / wedges

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I have - out of nowhere - got the Big Break theme tune stuck in my head.

It was there before @grievoustim mentioned his aspirations to play cue sports too.

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I’m going all the way across the road! (To the nearest possible pub quiz) (but probably not drinking)

Been tidying up, room finally feels habitable for the first time in months. Nice to be able to see the floor

Baked potatoes after quiz

Done a quick tidy up downstairs as getting shutters installed tomorrow. Watching an episode of Silicon Valley whilst I decide on dinner, then will probably do an episode of Mare of Easttown and Last of Us.

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Having chilli for tea. Put the news on the telly. That was a mistake.

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What you having?

Not sure I’ve ever done this


Haven’t been eating lately really, not sure why, but I’m hungry tonight so having the much derided by dis chilli. Love chilli.

Also have ice cream and raspberries :yum:

Going to finish my book and start another hopefully.

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Of course!

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Chips look fab.

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Yep, bish bash bosh

Probably under 10 mins from exiting shower to bring dry dresses moisturised and beard oiled

Obvious bald male privilege here tbf

Roast red pepper and sun dried tomatoes w/ tortellini
Watching king of hill

Yeah they’re perfect.