Monday Night

I wanna try this. I do hailer bieber thing I saw online that’s a plain rice cake, peanut butter then melted chocolate and put it in the freezer for 5 mins and it’s soooooo nice

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This just sounds like a less efficient way to eat a snickers bar


Do it! It’s really easy and tastes really good.

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Not had dinner yet and it is 10pm, and I need to finish proofing a report. Jesus.

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Our baked potatoes are just about out the oven, so hungry

Feeling shitty for the umpteenth evening in a row

Wish we’d got to Ella before HGATR ran out of steam. The greatest voice in the entire history of recorded music.

  • It felt like Sunday this morning
  • It didn’t though did it

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It’s squirty cream but French - that’s how you know it’s good.

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winnie the pooh hug GIF

Hug, not strangulation


Those “drop beats not bombs” t-shirts have got weird lately

I didn’t post this in the daily thread, because it’s music to fall asleep to, so now’s a good time to share my new Dissonance show:

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went outside to play footy (5s), played pretty well. squats help you accelerate. I scored a dipping volley from past halfway into the top corner, made a good point blank save with my legs, etc.

feel a bit spent, but sat here with cup of tea, listening to a wrestling podcast because I like old guys doing shoot interviews.