Making burrata, pine nut, roasted tomatoes and bread something or other

How u doin huns!


Staying in. I think I’ll watch Two For The Road on DVD later.

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After just one day back Rs year are now in quarantine for two weeks…:grimacing:🤷

Still, chips and vegie kebab for tea so that’s good.

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Having burgers. Got some smoky black garlic ketchup which is :ok_hand:

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very very worried about something tonight. so I’ll be doing that. worrying.

Does this mean your whole household has to quarantine?

Got an onion and cauliflower casserole in the oven and, I’m not going to lie, it looks shit.

where from please and thank you

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Having oven pizza after a stressful Misty/mum standoff (see dog thread for more deets)

Very much looking forward to d&d later :frowning:



Tommie soup for tea

Housemate going out, gonna watch some Anthony Bourdain probs

Keep forgetting to socialise, gotta get used to being home and having options again

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it’s pretty obvious that as it is basically all schools will need to close sooner or later, sadly

Tired. Chicken burgers for tea and got to remember not to use the kitchen sink. Early night cause landlord is coming round at 7.15am tomorrow.

Still no running water chez Ella. Stocked up on bottled water at the Co-op, currently trying to work out what I can cook for dinner using the least amount of pots, pans and utensils. Glad I always have a pack of baby wipes handy for the cat :grimacing:

fush n chups
bombay mix


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is this because you used it all making whisky or because of mud slides again?

Excuse me?


Going through some old stickers and made a thing for the bathroom door so everyone knows when you are doing your ablutions

TV hasn’t been upstairs yet so hasn’t seen it. I give it till half past six before it gets taken down.


definitely didn’t use it all up, there’s a full to overflowing tank up on the hill containing all our lovely water. the intervening pipes are choked up to fuck

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Made a bacon and broccoli creamy pasta thing for dinner. Was dece. Currently listening to the Thomas the Tank Engine theme (new, not old) to appease my daughter. Might go shopping later. Who knows.


DnD night, mate. Special dispensation.