Thought I might watch a film or a show with my sick day on the sofa

Nah, just about 2 hours of videos about bourbon. Got a £60 bottle lined up to get


Evening pop pickers,

It’s Monday night so it’s bin night. I’ve already collected the bin from upstairs, but I’ve left it on the stairs to take up later. Apologies if anyone takes offence at this.

I might pop out later and drop a film in to get processed.

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Isn’t that every Monday?

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Evening tilts, evening all. Not much to report: might have a third night in a row without a beer; will definitely read more Orwell. The brilliant A Matter of Life and Death is on iPlayer so might watch that later.


Nope and his brother can go into school.

It’s a very strange thing/set of guidelines in a way.

Look he’s found the perfect loophole, accept defeat with grace

Yes :smiling_imp:


I’m disappointed in you. Very disappointed.

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Evening tilts and all,

Your dinner sounds really nice. I’ve got salmon and potatoes and broccoli for mine.

Bought a couple new door knobs that arrived today but ALAS, the new spindle is too big for my door :confused: so I have bought a square file to MAKE IT FIT. We shall see how successful this is :expressionless:

Might take the door handles off all the other doors until I find one it fits in… :crossed_fingers:

Don’t you worry, I will keep you posted.


On my way home from the horses. Got so many cuddles, from the babies and the somewhat bigger ones :smiling_face_with_three_hearts::smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

Undecided on what to do for dinner :thinking:

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You heard

Local lockdown just announced in Caerphilly :frowning:

So weird isn’t it. So the sibling who can go in can easily catch and transmit from the sibling who has to quarantine at home :joy:

Honestly the amount of parents and people I’ve been in close contact today is probably more than I would do if we were before lockdown teaching. I am getting a lot of steps in tho.

Hope the quarantine isn’t too annoying to manage tho x

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Its this one

From a fancy shop in East Lothian


That was certainly a meal that existed and that I ate.

@anon50098204 Isa recipe, would not recommend

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Wait no it’s this one

Were they not socially distancing very Caerphilly?



Couldn’t be arsed cooking so using the fucked sink as an excuse to order kebabs.


:european_castle: :dragon:
:coffee: (this is tea not coffee)


@epimer btw

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