Monday on the 50th anniversary of Atari

27th June 1972.

founded in Sunnyvale, California, by Nolan Bushnell and Ted Dabney

Anyway, happy Monday, if such a thing can be.


Where it all began for me



Atari Middle-Aged Riot


Up and going to drop the youngest off at nursery shortly. Eldest still has chickenpox. Defintely on the mend but it was the worst case of chicken pox I’ve ever seen. Dunno to what extent his spots are going to be healed by the time we go on holiday and also keeping fingers crossed youngest swerves it too, squeaky bum time.

Probably going to get the cases out of the loft and attempt a stock take of what clothes we have, any gaps i need to plug.

Would be good to squeeze in a nap too.

Dunno whether the time is right to attempt running again. :man_running:

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Had three shots of coffee.

Now going gym.

Wondering if it’s safe to take my Good BikeTM as the place has full cctv and is gated. Still apprehensive. Will probably revert to the Brompton.

Think I might be getting a headache. Clearly unrelated to the coffee.

Have good Mondays.



Bit of a miserable Monday morning here - it’s pissing down out there - so I’ll be spending the morning hibernating I think.

Morning all

I’m off on holiday next week, which is nice. Feel a bit anxious this morning, which is not nice. Work and more work today.


Today is my non-working day but I’m at my parents and my nephew is here all day tomorrow

  • Just take today and work tomorrow anyway
  • Take today but doss tomorrow anyway
  • Change NWD to tomorrow
  • Take some of tomorrow off as well and male up the hours

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Slept terribly cause I’m not in my own bed and I’m used to it being countryside-quiet all the time. Woke up with a cat on me. Going up that London today for :tennis:


Bit hungover

Day off though :partying_face:

Going to mess around with bikes, if delivery of bits arrives (it won’t)

Keeps saying it’s going to non-stop rain but it’s nice at the moment, might go to the seaside

I once woke at a friend’s house after a party, with an all-time worst hangover to find a cat on my chest purring insistently.


Day 2 of testing positive. Feeling rough as hell. Luckily I don’t have to look after the kids today, oh wait, I do.


Morning all!

First day of summer break so I think I’m hoovering the downstairs of the house and probably driving things to a charity shop. I need to log in at work for half an hour too.

Hitman3, working on my assignment story and then football this afternoon.

Shite, get well soon

Well busy at work already today, big meeting at 3

Meant to be seeing mannequin pussy tonight but I’ve not heard from the lad who bought the tickets since he drunkenly came onto me last week and I’m sure the cringe is real on both sides so I’m gonna have to bite the bullet and ask him if we’re still going

This is like a few years back when my daughter would scoot ahead and I’d have to run to catch her…and the sound of my jingling keys convinced her a big dog was chasing her and she’d have a little break down.



Another morning of my life where I wake up and think ‘I’m going to have to quit work as I simply can not get up’. Reminder: buy lottery ticket.

Quite boring few days the start of this week but then I’m off the office job on Wednesday to run two school group tours (help), then down to London on Thursday and going to hang out with lots of yous.


Morning all,

Feeling SO worn out after the weekend. My bf had to shake me awake to say goodbye this morning.

Have taken this Friday off though so that’s exciting.

Also feeling pretty anxious about travelling abs staying with my Mum over the weekend. So worried about potentially giving her covid :frowning:

This week is going to be crud. Overcommitted to social stuff and that’s coincided with

  • A being really ill all weekend and keeping me awake all night with her cough so we’re both totally fucked

  • me finally making headway with the new record and wanting to just sack off everything and make music

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Morning all,

Grim weather here in North Staffs. Looks like ill be driving baby s_w to Rhythm Time instead of walking. Will need to go pick Mr s_w up later from some dodgy garage that weve got one of the old cars (Moskvich) booked in for a (cheap) respray and arch repair.

Going to pop M&S this afternoon to get some sandals. They have some in that are apparently really good Birkenstock dupes. Might get a cake in a jar while there too cause why not!

Then after work we’re finally getting the cistern replaced on the upstairs toilet (no more flushing using buckets of water). Then we need to get a plasterer in to fix the hole in the ceiling of the utility room. :see_no_evil:

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