MONDAY Part II: the evening


lots of pizza chat today. finding it quite hard not to go out and buy a #pizza


Going to get a :burrito: then gotta go home do a few more hours’ work. Sigh.

The bf brought home some pizza but it didn’t come in a box! I might have to just eat it off… a plate :scream:


you win some you lose some

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Gutted :frowning:


In work until 8 aren’t I?
Then the television is meeting me and I will try to be extra nice and fun because she’s (understandably) still very freaked out by an incident yesterday that involved someone we don’t know falling out of a very high window in close proximity to us.
Think we might as well go and get drunk.

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Bourbon’s are dairy free?! :open_mouth:


If i could not do the work if i didnt have the burrito i wouldnt do it, obviously.

Had a go on one of those foam roller things… did a few moves and was thinking hmmm I guess it’s alright… then did another move and my back cracked in the most glorious manner. Feel like a new man.

Then had some tea.


be careful with those things on yr back m8

don’t think you’re meant to foam roll the bottom of your spine

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This was all upper/shoulders… thanks for the warning though :thumbsup:

Nearly sent out for a pizza but decided a fishfinger sandwich was a more sensible option.

Not having many students has turned into a really busy week and I’m not sure I’m happy with it.

I’ve gone and put all of my trousers in the wash at once and now I can’t leave the house.


I really like those lotus ones. They are too. Plus you can get a massive pack of them at the poundshop… for a pound.

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i had burgers for tea.

i wrote about my new hearing aid and the change in my life it’s going to bring. fancy reading about it?


Making tea waiting for kids to get back from piano lesson.

V has requested a fruit salad for dinner, that’s not a proper dinner though so will be forcing something else down him. Me and Mr S have got roasted veg, haloumi, rice and tahini.

I wasn’t aware that the other two were vegan friendly either! Bourbon’s are definitely the best biscuit out of those three for dunking into cups of tea or glasses of (almond) milk :smiley:

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Just got home, 2.5 hours later than I should have. Spent the last hour with my boss (and good pal) in tears in the office. Awesome.

Now I’m gonna make a chicken stew isn’t it. Probably won’t do a lot else. I want to start reading in the evenings atm but I am so tired. Not sure how people find the time!

Damn that was a good burrito.

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