Monday ruddy evening


got some pasta on, thought it was masterchef night but it aint. woe.



Left my desk at 5:30 with some tasks running. Cleaned the downstairs, took the bin out, hoovered the stairs, now just checking back. Gonna have a stirfry, walk the dog, couple of pints and then home. <— Absolute sitter in that sentence.


gonna go think about dinner PEACE OUT


Alright man? Having steamed hams for dinner and then gonna sit in front of some shite television.




OR should i say Pig out




Still at work cause I dicked around today. Going to stop off and get myself a pizza I think. Dominos? Might watch last night’s Blue Planet and stalk my secret santee.


In the pub. Pint no 5. Gonna head home and have sweet potato and butternut squash soup and watch nigella


Gonna eat some korv and do some boring work.


Ate too much. Might have a bath with Jnr.

The peeping tom at our flats has been seen a second time and I’m ground floor so I’m paranoid of him creeping about by my window at night.

Enjoying the new series of Lady’s Dynamite so probably going to read as much for uni as I can then squeeze in an episode in bed


Knackered. Actually did some work today as I’m not back in the office until next Friday.

CBA going to Japanese but might have a mini nap and then go.


I heard dominos have some cyber Monday deal for 50% off today.




Send halp!


giphy (42)


If someone wants to buy me a cheesy garlic bread feel free :smiley:


Can I buy you one and eat it on your behalf?


It feels like there’s a catch to this deal…


Cant get rid of my bloody cough n cold. Anyone got any tips? You got rid yet @jezza_irons?