Monday Sixteenth January Twenty Seventeen - an evening thread

What’s happening? Waiting for my wife to come home so we can have pizzers. Gonna watch the new Alex Gibney documentary on beeb 4 later.

Currently downloading: Rayman Origins.

Evening all,
Can anyone remember who thought that human nature is driven by a desire for people to respect you?
Hope everyone is having a good day

That was @meths

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'sup J_I

10:39 over here and I’m in the second hour of the four hours of meetings I have lined up today. Settling into my month of bachelor living. My weekend was two climbing sessions, watching football, and probably like 20 hours of video gaming. Promised myself I’ll be more ‘cultured’ next weekend…

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I ended up joining that Tastebuds thing. I might be rubbish at it.

Made a short (twenty seconds or so) film in class as an exercise to practise shooting with a mind to continuity editing and all that. It involved me in a Guy Fawkes mask being murdered and some admirably put-together coffee cup acrobatics. So proud.

In other news, the next few days are probably going to be “intensive essay-o-rama” days.

How many chocolate eclairs have you consumed?

Pretty crappy day on DiS for threads. Present company excepted, obv.

Nothing to report. Bye!

None! I’m shooting for an exceptionally healthy month where I climb 2 days in 3 and eat nothing but meat and vegetables (which is quite easy in this weirdly health-obsessed place - kale everywhere, innit) *

My AirBnB host left me a weird selection of things in the fridge. 4 giant hickory-smoked sausages, two giant salamis, and loads of ‘jack’ cheese…

*This fell through when people started playing drinking games in the office at 4:30 on Friday…


Sounds like you’re getting on fine and dandy over there chief :sunglasses:

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Waiting to have a job interview for a job i dont want. Starting to really miss pizzer. Bought some vegan cheese but it is pure evil. Hurry up, february.

My guts have been some new form of horror today. So uncomfortable.

Chicken and chips coming via some poor Deliveroo cyclist. I’m sure that’ll help loads.

Was going to do some more work tonight but I’m pooped. Might do some Netrunner practice. Might just watch shite on Netflix while dribbling chicken grease down myself. Probably the latter.

sound’s like it :frowning:

It’s not even that, it’s more bloatiness/pain/uncomfortable burping/general discomfort. I’d rather just have my bumhole shout at the toilet for a bit and be done with it, tbh.

Sorry to hear it dude. I got some excellent pills from my GP which help a lot with IBS symptoms - assume you’ve already been down that route?

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“Washing machines live longer with Calgon”

  • Of course I know what this is from because I’m a normal human
  • What are you talking about?

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Just need to figre out if my bf is the only person in the world that had no idea what I was referring to when I said this the other day, Even after showing him the advert he had no idea.


Not gonna do much this evening, probably keep trying to find somewhere to live.

Very soggy day of cycling - I’m not really prepared for weather like this tbh

Also whenever I see the tag ‘susanalbumparty’ it always makes me chuckle that it was an actual thing.

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I can see a building being demolished from the window next to my desk. It’s making doing actual work very difficult.

hi everyone