Monday/so help me no one else better make this thread



Wrote that in such a rush to beat any other morning threads. Starting my dissertation today, I’m totally screwed aren’t I? Got two conference calls that’ll eat into 3 hours of the day, got like 2 more days to work on it uninterrupted.

Shall I just start on the gin?


Shit day at work ahead. Seems quite nice out. Had crumpets for breakfast, going to have soup for lunch. Dinner tba.

Work/nice/at some point, yes.

Big fan of this succinct new format.

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It’s very springy today isn’t it? Not a cloud in the sky. Long old day with no TA and we need to practice for our assembly (getting 30 x 4yo’s to sit and sing) so will have to attempt that solo :persevere: then driving after work.
God this weather makes me realise how much exercise i need to be doing

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Forgot to say that I’m watching frasier.


Just bent down to put my trousers on and split my underpants all the way along. Monday.


Working from wfh so I can take delivery of the £396 of Netrunner cards I ordered for me and the #lads

Last week of the financial year at work and I feel a bit sick about how much I need to get done/I won’t manage to get done this week.


Morning Scout and etc.

I appear to have a blister or something on the inside of my left big toe. Quite painful. Probably need to order Japanese currency tonight, otherwise no real plans.

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Tired. Off to see the docs soon, again.

I think you’re my soul mate @ericVI

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Aaaaand I’ve been summoned to a hearing.

Fuck off, Monday.

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I took the dressing off my surgical wound yesterday and it’s kinda grim, but it’ll hopefully look better in a month or so. I’ve blurred the photo below even though it feels a bit like body censorship :confused: anyway, enjoy!

Oh also I met Joe Mangle’s son last night so that was nice


Correction: two hearings.


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If you keep shouting like that you’ll have no hearing! HA!


Plans - avoid the fallout that may happen today. Then do some dad duties before bedtime.

Weather - looks great, but I work in a chilly foodhall

Food - got some hot cross buns so those

Got Hay-fever :frowning:
Making gnocchi for tea tonight :smiley:

Gf was taking the piss out of me for this at the weekend and said it was far too early, but this is the second Independent verification that she can fuck off.


Dialling into an all-day meeting on a terrible internet connection, which will be fun.

Weather is pretty but cold and windy.

Will be eating sourdough bread and last night’s casserole leftovers.