Monday/so help me no one else better make this thread

I think face masks are mostly nonsense tbh but I bought this ‘healing clay’ stuff off the internet. It says ‘feel your face pulsate!’ on the tub and I for one, am a huge fan of feeling my face pulsate, so I thought I’d treat myself.

Never tried a lip mask. Plz report back!

Just to add a little clarity to things, I’m currently making a veggie frittatafor lunches, to which I of course did add peas.


Happen it might well stretch to 3 days, ie six portions.

Never change kermo! I hope you’re well!

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How do you rrresponsibly dispose of old clay/mud?
I left the clay from last time in the bowl to dry out and have scraped most of it into the bin, I was going to rinse out the rest but I’m thinking it might block the pipes?

Yes I’m so lazy I’ve left a bowl of clay in my bathroom for almost a week.

Ooh, I would have been duty bound to close call you for that bit of unsafe behaviour!

But yes, you’re right. It happens far too often and is both frustrating and embarrassing (for those of us lanyarded as guilty by association) when it happens.

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In general I sympathize with most railway staff who are trying to do tough jobs in trying circumstances. The driver would surely have been aware from what was going on (crowd of people on another platform, all suddenly rushing to the stairs and starting to appear on his train) that he’d arrived on a different platform to the one he’d been booked on though and could’ve used a bit of common sense to wait rather than shouting at everyone over the PA.

DW I worked it out.

Absolutely, in total agreement.

Chances are though, especially if this was a Thameslink service, that he would be under extreme duress to meet his path into the core.

The whole episode sums up the fractured and dysfunctional nature of the industry as a whole.

It’s almost a metaphor for what we talked about on the phone the other day in terms of being fractured and dysfunctional.

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Pharmacy4u have sent me two of my prescription for some reason

This was northbound - out of the core - but yeah, I appreciate drivers are no doubt under pressure from management to keep to time and avoid penalties etc.

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Keep hearing this podcast ad for a podcast that “lifts the lid on dating in 2019” which is making me want to vomit blood

Brexit prep?


Scary and Ginger didnt shag imo

Listening to Bowie’s “Young Americans” aww yeah. What a belter ‘Right’ is.

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Title track is one of my all time top 10 I think.

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Hey @japes

You ever seen anything so sexy?

Dmitry Klokov - Squat with pause 250 kg at my 100th seminar - YouTube

I’ll be damned if I’m not listening to the Supreme’s now.

Definitely starting a ‘Motown Bangers’ music thread at this very juncture.