Monday/so help me no one else better make this thread



The good famous celebrity thread had one correct post after all. Billy IS a good person!

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Seems quite nice out looking forward to getting paid this month ngl

almost did it today, will be doing it very soon :slight_smile:

I still need to watch the final series of that.

really hope DB doesn’t get fired


Just came across an email address of a vendor we’re working with and they use the first initial second name combo which means this person’s address is shatz@… Brightened up my afternoon anyway. :grinning:


Shatz and Babs

Is there a recipe for this?

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You would have thought most of them would have a table, no one likes eating on the floor.

(Back to work for me)

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It’s always good fun when we have to switch from platform 1 to platform 4a at absolutely no notice :+1:

Protein bar
No work tonight
Coming up double E

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Just sent my deposit for my next tattoo. Yeet.

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Had this happen at Kentish Town on NYE a few years back (on the way to The Good Ship). Ran across the bridge and held the door open until everyone else had got on. The driver was NOT impressed, but like hell was I letting people wait an hour for the next train because National Rail screwed up their signalling.


The mac and cheese? I followed a recipe of sorts yeah, then added stuff to it, I’ll find the recipe later as not having any luck remembering where I found it now.

Should I

  • Do a face mask and have a bubble bath
  • Not

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very on brand posting here

not tried that flavour ck yet. what’s the verdict?

on one of my recent trips to superdrug they gave me a free face mask and also a lip mask?? might do the lip mask later??? lips are well dry at the moment.

I’d murder any of you to have a bubble bath right now

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Gotta keep the brand development up yo

Really good tbf. Not too tart, not too sweet, Got a smattering of coca nibs in which add a good lil suprise crunch.