Monday sounds a bit like mundane, doesn't it


Woke up at 5 for some fucking reason and haven’t got back to sleep, so I guess we’re doing today on four and a half hours sleep then. Fine.

May as well get on with it, by which I mean my daily Animal Crossing routine.

Are you me?

I need to go to a supermarket but also really, really don’t want to. It’s getting on for three weeks since I’ve set foot in a shop :grimacing:

Today’s mission is to buy myself a Switch Lite.

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I’ve overslept. Had a shite night’s sleep as well

Morning! Up early here too…

Was really concerned about having to do this whole piece of work by 11.30 this morning without my team. Did some last night, started here a little after 6. Not too far off done… what is it that those guys do?

Preorders here if you can wait three weeks:

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Woke up at bloody 645 for some reason. Guess i’d better get up and make #coffee.

Seems to be in stock on Argos…

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Gonna do loads of Moning today.

not for delivery to my postcode which is odd

waiting for Currys stock because I get some money off through work but might just bite the bullet at Smyths later

Yeah that is weird. Hopefully they deliver here cause Mrs F has just got some money through for some work she did and we need to get on the bandwagon.

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Morning all!

6.30 wake up call from The Child; currently drinking coffee.

I need to go to the chemist to pick up my prescription, which could be an ordeal. We’re down to our last pint and a half of milk.

First day of my Spring Break: Excitement.

I also need to do this

So does my wife. Having seen the queues at the pharmacy a couple of weeks ago, it’s understandable why she hasn’t bothered yet

Mike goes past it quite a lot on his runs and says it’s packed every time :grimacing:

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4 day working week :upside_down_face:


oh, christ

3 day for me :raised_hands:



Should have woken R up by now because these lie ins are really making bedtime difficult, but staying in bed with nobody else awake is too nice. It is quiet and I need quiet.

Keep hovering over buying things and having to remind myself I am being reckless and stop.

Really cba.

hopefully its like the supermarkets round here… massive queues snaking around the block. but only because of the 2m distancing and limited numbers allowed in. just a case of joining the queue and waiting 15 minutes.