Monday sounds a bit like mundane, doesn't it

You’re on holiday. It might not be what you want to be doing but it is your right and your duty not to do anything work aside from some perfunctory planning in a fortnight’s time.


Today is the first time I’ve had persistent VPN issues. Really quite irritating but such a minor thing. Might make a start on lunch.

Watching Toy Story 4 in my pants now so it’s no different to what I would be doing even without a pandemic going on :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:


Could you just wear lighter briefs?




judging from the skyline I would say that it’s definitely somewhere in London, or failling that another major city


I am so unorganised and chaotic that this would be awful for everybody

Didn’t @AQOS volunteer?

People submitting their top five artists for the letter, points collated into an overall top ten.

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I did but not sure I cba

Booo. (Fair enough)

Update: I do not need it, but I bought it. There is a 50% chance I will return it.

Two more double yolkers for breakfast. What’s going on.

Yeah we’ve just had fucking loads in too :smiley:

Edit: moved it

My friend’s gf messaged me randomly about gerbils and I got super excited and spammed her with a load of pictures of my perfect princes, but then I looked at pictures of our previous generation of gerbils (the four who were all different colours) and it’s fully set me off, I will always miss those tiny best friends (they were so affectionate and I was so close to them) and I miss our current boys so much as well :frowning: :frowning: :frowning: housemate keeps posting Instagram pics of her cuddling her dog and going on about how much she needs those cuddles and I’m so envious of her being able to cuddle her pet and get that reassurance right now when I have no idea when I’ll next get to see thems lil boys or even if they’ll all still be alive next time I can visit my parents :sob:

@witches !!

Here’s the shop…skkkrt and 2 tops. All excellent. Now wondering whether to make further purchases with this new discount…


Monday’s the hardest day to get anything done wfh

Making a load of Mac n cheese. About to add garlic, onion and cheese. Probably needed more sauce


Love! Especially the leopard/tiger one!! I feel as though my purchases were a little boring :grimacing: