Monday! Springday!

Morning all!

Made a very clever tactial decision to cancel most of my class this morning so am only expecting minimal contact.

I’ve got some coursework appointments to do this afternoon but they’ll be fine and some marking to fit around all of it.

It was lovely and bright this morning - got any springtime observations?

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Just spent 20 minutes continuously redialing the doctors to get an appointment.

‘sorry no appointments left, kthxbye’

Good start to the week!

Might do a bit of work today in advance of my redundo meeting so I can present a more compelling case for getting me out the door ASAP then “cba m8”

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Saw some lambs the other day

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It feels like Spring was trying to start at the weekend - lots of daffodils starting to make an appearance - but my word, the temperature is still very much winter

That said, there’s a tree near me which has come out in blossom right near me, and the sun’s meant to be coming out later, according to the forecasts, so I’m going to go and take some analogue film photos of it at lunchtime


Here’s a springtime observation from Saturday, by the way…


Good morning everyone. I’ve had a coffee and a shower and am trying to work out how to re-incorporate self care into my life. So later I’ll hoover and finally put the bedsheets in.

Little steps.


Got 3 days of tutorials for my work course this week. So trying to squeeze other work into 2 days and early mornings/late afternoons.

Really want to get back into pre-work walk when WFH.

Not sure if got sore throat coming on or just dehydrated from too much booze

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I’ve found my doctors now have this online thing where you write in all your symptoms and then they give you a call back.

Dunno if your place offers anything similar? It really helped me.

Morning, did a 4K run this morning, lovely and fresh out. My last working week in my current job, can’t wait to get out of here. Got all next week off before I start my new job, so whooooop! At the absolute coasting stage with it all, hopefully only have to go into the office on my last day now to hand back my laptop, badge, gun, etc.


Can book long term appointments online but same day ones have to be on the phone. Its only a small surgery with one doctor, so I doubt there are many appointments to go around anyway - have to try again at 12 and see if there’s anything this afternoon.

Think when we move house we’re going to have to sign up to one of those massive medical centre places which I assume are a bit easier to get an appointment at (probably not).

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Pretend you’re having to travel to Den Haag to take some arrogant Germans back to penoid kindergarten.

And also take part in court proceedings.


Hung over. Not a good start to the week… Decided Sunday night would be best for drinking since I ‘only’ have work today rather than looking after my kids. And someone wants a zoom call with me in 17 minutes. Come on mate, bit keen :frowning:

Morning :wave:

I’m already on campus as I’m teaching today. I don’t have anything interesting to say!

Woke up really early but at least it’s sunny.

This sounds like most of my undergraduate lecturers* too - you’re clearly a natural!

*plus all of the ones I deliver as part of my job too.

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Looking pretty springy out today but reckon it’s still going to be v chilly. Going to take a little walk later so will confirm.

Solo parenting today and the cat has decided to help out by being sick all over the lounge. Cheers Margot! All being well will watch last night’s wrasslin’ with a pal and some beers later which should be super.

feels a lot colder today than it did yday here in eltham.

wfh and one of those days where the workload is severe so started at 7, and likely gonna be manic til 7 this eve :cry:

Hoovered. Bedsheets are in the wash.

Got my bike gear on but I sense how chilly it is from indoors.

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Bought new bedding at the weekend but just realised I bought single bedding instead of double. Disaster.