Monday the 13th thread

First day back at the office for 3 weeks. Feeling cautiously ok about it all but jet lag kicking my arse.

Going to see Uncut Gems tonight if I manage to stay awake.

Morning, Mona.

I’m in the airport eating a panini for breakfast. Off to Tromsø for the week. :airplane::airplane::airplane:


It’s my Friday today. Got to do a big drive after work to collect the kiddo from her grandparents. Real cba feels today

Morning all. Getting some chores done but feel like I’ve got a cold. Could be a beer cold - I’m hoping so in anyway. Where are you catching Uncut Gems, @roastthemonaspit? I’m seeing it at the BFI this evening.

Finally dragged myself out for a run, first time since early December. Went fine.

Probably gonna have a mad busy week at work, very little enthusiasm for this though.

Two jobs to apply for this week, including that one in the Falklands lol?


My train is cancelled

Had a dream about a slasher film in which the twist is that everyone’s aware of the murderer but nobody is really arsed

Also wanted to stay in bed bc I was mid designing an app to revolutionise 16th century naval battles


Having issues with both my face and my bum today, which basically covers everything. What a Monday.

Been up all night. Feel rubbish.

The prospect of having to travel all the way from Kent to Manchester, and back, tomorrow, to attend a one hour meeting, is not appealing.

Best of luck!


Does your face look like your bum and your bum look like your face?


Yes but that’s the default.

Heading to Kiln in Kilburn my good friend.

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Millennials in a slasher film then basically


Horrible night, but the sunset is gorgeous this morning at least :heart_eyes:

I could never give up food that begins with Ch
Christmas food


My other train is cancelled


Ain’t got the change on me to pay parking if I drive up

Morning. In work early because 8:30 meeting. Psycho stuff innit

Most frustrating aspect is that I could stayed in bed and seen how this whole murderer thing played out :frowning:

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Are you in Theoland?


WFH today. I’ve got a prescription to collect (hopefully), and a parcel from the post office, which I’m hoping is my brother’s birthday present. I think I’ll go there at lunchtime, and on the way back stop off at the Portuguese café that’s just opened and see what the rest of their food is like after trying their Paseis de Nata at the weekend.