Monday the 13th thread

Off to work in a minute. Really, really cba.

Morning all.

I trimmed my beard last night, downgrading my look from ‘elder druid/acid casualty’ down to ‘some git with a beard.’ Immediate regret.

I’m playing a show on Friday and last night I decided it was imperative that I rip my set up and start again. Yesterday will henceforth be known as, ‘the Sunday of poor decisions.’

Woke up feeling really wheezy for some reason.

This is a very whiny post but it’s a Monday and January and that’s what they’re there for. EVERYTHING IS TERRIBLE.

Hope you’re all (somehow, against all odds) well.

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Been up since 4 due to the silly baby who was the most objectively cute and fun she’s ever been but between 4 and 630 in the morning. Feel like death at my desk.

Colleague sent me an email at 5.23pm on Friday, and then just came over to my desk (8.34am Monday) to ask whether I’d had a chance to respond to it.

Morning, all!


Green Ch food is void

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The film will keep you awake, felt like I was in a wad of coke whilst watching. :grimacing:


Wish id texted in to say i was wfh from home due to train delays so i could do work wjile leaving ff12 on 4x speed and occasionslly moving forwaed and letting my bois and lasses fuck up monsters on auto thingy

Falling asleep on bus help

Christ. That would get a very sarcastic response from me.

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Woke up thinking it was Sunday when it is very much not Sunday

Monday’s child is tired as fuck :sleeping:

Seen three people say this today :thinking:

R is back at preschool for the first time in just shy of a month :+1:
The walk there completely knackered me out and owowowoewow my ankle :-1:
New preschool hall is very nice and spacious, glad they managed to get it open while R still goes there :+1:
R’s dad after going on about wanting to walk him for his first day there of course didn’t show up, and no doubt I will somehow get blamed for this :-1:
I am back in bed :+1:

Got two threads to potentially start but can’t decide which to go for so will probably procrastinate on both of them.

Hope your Mondays are all bearable, or bearable+


Absolutely knackered this day can do one already.

:+1: I got a place on the course I told my boss I’d go on, even though I totally forgot about it, it’s tomorrow, and I sent the email on Friday afternoon

:-1: got fucking homework to do for it ffs


Also the prep email says it will probably involve taking your shoes off at some point. For fuck’s sake.


Quite the endorsement!


Update: I have forgotten my password.

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Got loads of things to do today but i seem to be just sitting here sipping coffee and not doing any of them, which is good. Should probably get started… any… minute… now.