Monday the 4th be with you

Morning DiS fans!

Trying to decide whether to do any work today or give myself the day off as I did a ridiculous amount of work at the end of last week. Don’t have any jobs at the moment and I’d quite like to sit around playing video games and then make a nice dinner.

Please tell me about your weekends and your day ahead.

Day off mate, no question


Should Carmen give herself the day off?

  • Yes
  • No

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Long day ahead

morning all

I had a nice relaxing weekend of not doing a huge amount, even a bit productive as I did some non-work work for a change, but I’ve come out the end of it distinctly un-relaxed. ergh.

no idea what today will bring other than “work”, probably “shite work”.

I feel like there should be a term for the period of time between when we all wake up and someone gets round to making a morning thread.

Good luck with the new job GP!


OK I’ll send a few emails then sack the rest of the day off


Was good thanks. Had an ATD up to stay; drank port; went to a ridiculously overcrowded winter fair thing; popped in on another friend’s 40th birthday; put decorations up; etc etc

Woooooork … Got a good few jobs to do first thing but hopefully this afternoon will be quieter.

CBA levels at around 7/10. Happy Monday all!

Had a rather large weekend

  • Take the day as holiday. Couple more hours in bed, bike ride, clean the flat
  • Suck it up

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I thought it was the 3rd therefore I am eating out of date yoghurt :woman_shrugging:

Obvs cannot be arsed for anything today

Most eventful thing of the weekend is we tried to go to the micro pub near us and it’s still full of old men ale weirdos which is fine but one of them was PROPERLY guffing off. It made us retch so we got out of there…
Only to arrive home to find my guffs were also ponging pretty bad. Something in the ale I reckon.

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Hiya Carmen :wave: et all.

Full of dread, don’t know why really but I am full to the brim with it. Lay in bed last night, eyes wide open ridden with anxiety, urrrgh. SO, to remedy this I need lots of joyous podcast suggestions, please! I’m not sure the crime thriller I’m listening to will help :confused: Or maybe it will! Probably not though. It’s a bit grim. Help!

WILL OF THE PEOPLE - back to bed



The Go Ogle today is making me feel very sto Opid.

Listen to this one
It’s just a lady telling a story

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Thank yooooou!! :heart:

Morning folks.

Didn’t do much over the weekend as I’ve been feeling progressively rougher and rougher since Friday afternoon.

Woke up this morning and my throat is really sore and swollen up like a chazzwazzer. Working from home instead of taking the day off sick though, as I leave my job on the 15th and have a shitload to do before then.

Enjoy your day off carmen! Had a pretty fantastic weekend with the folks all told. Ate at our new dining table for the first time and cooked a big ol’ christmassy beef roast cos I won’t see my parents on xms day. Wife-o bought this massive tealight candle holder and nearly burned the place down. In a pretty festive mood quite early on in December this year, not quite sure what’s wrong with me…

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Slept poorly.

Have barely planned classes for today; have not marked work for this afternoon.

Really struggling to CBA.

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