Monday the 4th be with you

RIght behind you man! What’s happened here? Is it marckee takeover day or something?


Just got the same! I had an incredibly witty thing to say but what am I going to do without everyone’s validation?

Morning. Feeling rough with a sore throat - I want to take a sick day, but I was off last Monday too with a (different) cold. It’s going to look well suss isn’t it? Oh well, don’t think I care

Actually pretty buzzed this morning m9s. Decent kip last night, last minute ticket to The Cribs at Tut’s tonight and eating at Bloc beforehand, not eaten there in a couple of years now but the scran is always great.

Going to get a coffee :+1:

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have you to do it in the smallest number of moves or the smallest amount of code?

morning DiS

good weekend. now tired.

pretty standard.

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Weekend: good food, good drink, good people. Disaster artist was pretty good - saw it in shoreditch which was nice as I dont really knock about there much anymore, having lived there when at uni. Got a salt beef beigel before the showing (£4.30 now, I remember when it was £2.10 :((((( )…

Woke up hungover af after too much wine and cheese and pate last night. Ate some boss cheesy jalepeno toast with runny eggs and lots of sriracha and its perked me right up. Need to go do some crappy bank stuff today. Just cba with lead up to christmas busy period. Want to just sit in a warm room and listen to wu tang.

I’m absolutely dead.

Coffee and food today please.

^This (As I can’t like it obviously)

Code, no?

Putting a wash on and then doing stuff until the clothes are done.

What did you think?

I thought it was pretty good but had a few too many plops from the new one. And Ross looked pretty pissed off from the get go.

Didn’t know Tut’s had such a late curfew. Shattered.

What the fucking fuck?


this is more difficult than it first looks

We’re all in the same boat m418599.8773927205

I’ve raised it on the site feedback

Annoyingly chipper


It lures you in with it’s initial easiness and the cute bunny! That bunny is pure eeevil.

@colon_closed_bracket I just tried to like your post :upside_down_face:

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Ah it’s tonight I’m seeing them mate. Will report back on this tomorrow.

Yeah, agreed though. Love the venue but 8.30 doors isn’t it? Always have to leave early if you’ve got to get a train. Usually just drive to their gigs.


Today is indeed a day.


Better get up or something