Monday the 4th be with you

Still 8hrs of work to get through, all could change before 5pm.

418,552 get on my level guys

I am seriously considering applying to Oxford to do a PGCE starting in September next year and therefore being in the middle of my course when the UK Brexits

Am I out of my fucking mind?



Should be off tomorrow, but working 8pm-8am so… Roll on Saturday

Yeah probably, but thats not always a bad thing


Pretty dull weekend really, I met a pub cat though, and it wasn’t sat on a bar stool next to a dog on the other stool. That was the highlight. I did go to a winter fair in a garden centre yesterday evening but it was pretty tiny and it stank of mulled wine (which makes me heave)

The book I needed to read for class tomorrow still hasn’t been delivered. FFS. It’s the one I’m going to do my essay on so pretty annoyed, and no shops seem to have it in stock.

Might check out the student book shop if I go to the Whitworth this morning.

It WAS sat on a bar stool. It wasn’t would be a weird anecdote.

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Busy weekend with 2 gigs (Orbital and Kelela, both excellent), Throwing Shade comedy show, Disaster Artist and a lot of booze. Mainly spending the day having a firm word with myself. Fuck off Monday.

Did not sleep very well, and have quite a bit of writing to do today ie. actual brain activity required. Bleurgh

On the plus side, I should get the new washing machine delivered later today!!! Very close to running out of clean clothes so have been looking forward to that

so it is. i was trying to optimise it for bunny movement

did I mention that it would either involve moving my EU-citizen family from Stockholm to Oxford or being alone and away from them in Oxford for a year


what could possibly go wrong?

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Had my first Aussie spider bite yesterday from a little guy. Feels a bit like a burn and keeping track of it in case death (wife says I’m a massive drama queen and is probaby correct but WHAT IF)

Yeah think so I got there at 9, first band were on. They were pretty good called Chump.
Paws were on after, didn’t really like them.
The Cribs played from about 10.20 -11.50

Suppose I better do some work then :wave:

How ARE people “doing things” at the weekends?
We’ve not done anything but stay in for the last few weekends cause it’s cold and we’re tired. Can’t face going out for longer than an hour?!

Whaaaaa, big life decisions there

willem defoe intensifies


RIP @ma0sm

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Says the woman who ran 10k yesterday :laughing:


RIP maowism

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:crying_cat_face: :spider: