Monday, the evening of

Hi there! Went to make tea, found that we’d already eaten the things we were going to have and forgotten about it, so now I’m on my way to the shop to get stuff for an indoor picnic. How’s your Monday?

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This tells you everything you need to know.

Tonne of stuff to do this evening. Help someone with a job application, buckets of football admin. Sleep, hopefully.


oooh. i’d love a picnic, in or out.

Had a fun day, took class swimming this afternoon which is always good since I decided I might as well leap in with them.

proabbly having something with mushrooms for tea, waiting for kids to get home from piano lessons.

Might watch something scary on netflix later as have identified a couple of choices and can’t stand any more Designated Survivor - MrS likes it, i call it I’m a survivor, it’s SO BAD and SO GOD BLESS AMERICANS but with tension music and business suits. ugh

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Later-era Shamen lyrics were a little more responsible


just ate pizza

me and the 5yo are watching the World Cup

she’s not happy the USA have got another pen

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WFH watching world cup.

Picnic update:

Garlic flatbread
Sausage rolls
Sweet chilli crisps
Yoghurt & mint potato salad
Chilli cheese bites
Gu salted caramel cheesecakes


YES! I absolutely love a picnic tea.

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What are the rules of this game?

Kick the bucket, upset the football.

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I’m really quite excited.

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Almost home. Public transport has been a right hernia today


@kermitwormit guess who is very definitely not out of work at half 5. Absolute shell of a human right now

Watching the World Cup, making dinner. Have to clean my bass later (NOT A EUPHEMISM)



Baby has seemingly been storing up all her wees for my return from work. Still, baby hugs are a great thing to come home to.



Evening, drinking a (Thornbridge) beer

This is my wife’s plate cause it looks better than mine


I wouldve probably made a salad to go with but apart from that, looks banging!