monday, the evening thereof


working tonight. wbu?
escalopes and veg for tea. wbu?
got nothing else to say. wbu?

kind regards,

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Was thinking it might be onesie time but google says its 10 degrees outside so can’t go to that yet.

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Veggie sausages and leftover roast veg.
Gonna have a walk and listen to a bit of Off Menu probably.

Might get some barista milk for a fancy hot chocolate

Not working

Chicken curry and rice


All the best


Finishing my final beer left over from the weekend. May shell out on another because my student loan came in today :money_mouth_face: :money_mouth_face: :money_mouth_face: :money_mouth_face:


Could you give us a rough estimate of your monthly escalope bill please?

Going to eat a pitta with brie and salad, then do yoga, then watch telly and drink tea.

Had an ‘interesting’ discussion today about why seating well behaved girls next to immature boys isn’t fair.
Me: it’s just telling girls that they have to put up with boys shit and not complain.
My boss: girls with brothers soon sort them out
Me: 🤷😬

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Just discovered that I live near somewhere called Deckham and that’s funny to me

Many thanks.


no problem. what’s for tea?

You know what, we actually have some escalopes (fresh) so you never know. Probably fried rice with tofu and shit though.

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saag paneer being made, will risk a beer, probably stick on another horror to keep the streak going. That or a double bill of Lovecraft Country/Bly House

got COOKIES too (rasp and white choc)

might finally buy my new phone, only about 14 months late

Still haven’t had my ‘rona test result so I’ve chased it up, apparently you can do that if you haven’t heard after 48 hours.

Think I’m gonna finish Viv Albertine’s second book this evening but I don’t want it to end. Might procrastinate by continuing my Desperate Housewives binge.

Putting the silly toddler to bed. She’s demanding “upty dupty” over and over. Cooked a curry earlier for her dinner that we’ll add loads of salt to and re-heat. Probs watch Gone Fishing.

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I tried this with the most mixed-ability class I ever taught (GCSE Media: some kids predicted A*; some kids predicted G) and it lasted all of a lesson because one of the G grade students ate a piece of work belonging to one of the A grade students.



Monday night, as always, is bin night. I’ve already done upstairs.

Dinner will be the fantastic Thai fish filo pie from one of the roasting tin books.

Saw this lovely chap with the equally lovely @avocado earlier. Now about to get the train home to home.


once again i’d just like to say fuck all4