Monday, the eveninging

Alright? Got a really achey back from work, also knackered. Just had a sit in the garden with Mrs F though so that was nice. Spicy bean burgers, wedges and some griddled halloumi for tea, probably a couple of gins for pudding. What the devil are you all upto?


Just turned on the aromatherapy mister. (is there still a part of you etc)

Haven’t decided on dindins. Got fresh pasta and bacon and boursin cheese and that so maybe something like that. Few bits of chopped up rashers too?

Currently watching the Simpsons. What’s happened to me.

Ooh hung up a calendar in the bathroom too with pictures of cats on so that’s nice.

Hope everyone else has a good eve xxxx


I also had haloumi!! With some roasted broccoli and jollof rice. Yumyjm

Just got tiktok. Feel particularly old. Also it’s very sweary. Hmmmm.


That does sound yumyjm!

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are you reading to them to make them grow quicker


We just had a small power cut, but luckily it’s back. I got cut of the work vpn, shame that.

I’m just about to cook Spag Bol, hopefully it won’t happen again.

Alright funky. It’s my Friday night. 8 beers arrived earlier, so will have a couple of those. Making a cashew Dal and a mushroom and pepper biryani.


Enjoy your weekend my friend, you deserve it.


i quite like spag bol tbh

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what’s your problem with spag bol mate

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i did shockingly little work today. if it were normal circumstances i’d feel guilty even billing for an hour, but 'rona innit. fish, chips n peas for tea. masterchef in a bit. :elf:‍♂


V had kindly offered that we could do a dance together. Eeeeer, no.


Also just been sent a WhatsApp emoji cities quiz thing. Anyone want a go??

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I’m super sleepy today for some reason. Gonna eat some more banana cupcakes while I wait for an acceptable bedtime.

I’ve decided that it feels like a double Sunday today

Ate food. Need nap.

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sure. i did a scotland-centric one that was going about last week

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Had to turn the Richard Herring episode of Off Menu off halfway through cause it was so rubbish.

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Evening. Regular readers to my work dilemma column might remember that I was due to start a new job but got let go because of covid but managed to get my back up offer to take me on anyway. Well company number one got in touch today to say ‘you may have seen us on the news over the weekend, would you like your job after all’. Looks like they are branching out in a covid cure. I’ll be polite.