Monday, the eveninging


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A quiz, a bear?


cooked a nice dinner and sat out on the patio which I’ve done up a bit.
Kids ate none of it and cat did a shit in the planter next to me while I was eating.
Went for walk and 5 year old moaned as soon as it started so came home after 15mins.
Probs gonna do some work tonight so can have time off tomorrow.
Thank you for reading!!1


A brand, a scar.

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See how high you can haggle your salary and holiday entitlement first.

Yeah, only the second one I’ve binned off too. Think Herring is about to pop up on Buxton soon. CBA in advance.

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I got to the main course bit, said ‘oh fuck off’ out loud and sacked it off. He was just trying really hard to be wacky and weird and it was really shit. What was the other one you didn’t finish please?

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Yer man from Kasabian

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Ah skipped that one. I didn’t start listening all that long ago and worked my way through them all, missing out a few along the way. Best one is still Daisy May Cooper. The Catherine Cohen one the other week was good too.

did basically no work today :grimacing:

hopped on the turbo as soon as I logged off and fucking hell my heart rate was way too high so I fucked that off

plasticmike is making a chilli and I’m just sat here on my arse. really need to put some sort of structure to my day instead of this absolute bullshit I’m faffing with at the moment.

my switch lite has been dispatched so maybe that’ll help? lol.


My Dad sent me some vegan wines today completely out of the blue, think he knew I was feeling a bit far away and wanted to cheer me up, love him so much :smiling_face_with_three_hearts: Made saag tofu with about half a kilo of fresh spinach for dinner, it was very green and spicy :hot_pepper:

  1. check for fossils
  2. harvest from your rocks
  3. pick fruit
  4. check out the shop
  5. check out the other shop
  6. check out the other other shop
  7. catch bugs
  8. repeat

Do you have a recipe for the saag tofu?

you don’t have to spend much at all. however you can also spend shitloads. I have a basic classic trainer - the rear wheel slots into it and there’s a magnetic resistance wheel. it cost about £50, unfortunately a lot of places have no stock of even basic trainers.

if you want a turbo trainer like the above to talk to your computer or phone (to track speed / distance / heart rate or whatever else) you’ll need additional bits and bobs which cost more cash.

Oh and your rear wheel is quick release, right? then yeah, no compatibility issues at all, it’ll fit fine.

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work aren’t extending my contract past Thursday so I will be joblesspasta :cowboy_hat_face:

It’s pretty much this: but I tend to treble most things (especially garlic, chilli and spices, and I add ground coriander) and use a few dollops of coconut yoghurt instead of the coconut milk. I bake the tofu in cornflour instead of frying but it’s probably much of a muchness!

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cannot fucking wait

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Also in team did an embarrassingly low amount of work today. Don’t feel bad about it, really.

Tonight might be the night I finally manage to finish Springsteen’s book.

Also didn’t do much work but more because the system is fucked