Monday thead



Hi DiS!

Back on the daytime grind. Majorly jetlagged and couldn’t get to sleep until gone 1am (following 5 hours of disjointed plane sleep the night before). So I feel as fantastic as you would expect.

Tegan and Sara tonigh though :smiley:

How are you all?


good morning and welcome back ATT!!! still got the flu. gonna smash some job applications today and post some records i’ve sold, but that’s about it. will spend the rest of the day under a blanket playing video games tbh. drinking an enormous pot of coffee, obviously.


Going into work late


On my way to casualty. Wahey! I’ve got the rubber bit from my earphones stuck in my ear sacs my GP couldn’t remove it and it’s fucking painful. On the upside, this means I don’t have to go to work this morning.


I have played an extraordinary volume of video games in the past month. It’s been terrific.


I’m heading home currently after a nightshift. I’ll grab a coffee at Camden along the way back home. Nothing too exciting planned during the day, I’ll take it easy and will start a DVD of Buster Keston short films. Then it’s Tegan and Sara at The Roundhouse. Looks like a few DiS-ers will be in attendance.

I hope you guys all have a good day.





That sounds horrendous, Hope they can get it out easily!




Thanks EMO. I’m sure I’ll keep everyone updated.


Morning all. Welcome back to snowy facism island AFX!

Still chuckling at perma-berk CeeLo Green really spoiling us at the Grammy’s.



Cheers bud. Makes a nice change from rainy facism land :slight_smile:


Excellent. He is such a pillock.


I always weirdly imagine that happening to me cos a little bit is ripped on the inner ear rubber :fearful:

Hope they get it out. Always been scared of things getting stuck in my ear since my sister poured a bottle of mr blobby shampoo in my right one while sharing a bath when little.


Please do! I’ve had full on panics before where i’ve had to get tweezers to pull them out and that was bad enough!


Amazing excuse for not going to work

Well done.



Day off. Up early, so watched Rear Window and now watching Double Indemnity. Off to Southsea later for a pub crawl. Solid day off


gotta go out of my way to go to a different post office coz the guy in my usual one keeps commenting on the fact that i post a lot of records and wants to chat about vinyl. ffs.


12 hour session yesterday. Still absolutely smashed.

Luckily I’m going to get shouted at 2 (two) times today, for things completely unrelated to me.


I liked Double Indemnity. Barbara Stanwyck is great in it. Have you seen Sorry, Wrong Number? Worth a watch too.