Monday, then

Today certainly is a day, I’ll give it that.

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And what a day


Do not want


First working day of the year. 3.5 weeks left in this job. Interview later this morning.


I’m in the second part of my Monday. I had to stop for a day of daycare and now my wife is back I get to return to work

But fuck it. I’ve got a Trail Blazer beer on the go - nice lager brewed by female brewers to celebrate the Women’s AFL which was started up a couple of years ago.

Start back on Wednesday so this is my… Saturday, I guess. Just been for a 6am swim, which was nice and quiet but swimming is just a bit boring. .
All the best for the interview, @Twinkletoes.

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My brain thought it was a good idea to be awake at 4am. The prick.


I know it’s early but I don’t feel horrific.

Something’s wrong with me, isn’t it?

So, so tired. Had a six hour rehearsal yesterday (in Gloucester). Literally drumming for six hours. Absolutely spent.

Today can go away please.

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I’m not going to the pub to play cards tonight because my hand hurts too much to shuffle comfortably after a cabinet fell on me.

A perfectly normal sequence of events there, I’m sure you’ll agree.

Never heard it called that before


I really really cba. Can see today being a struggle

Those things eat cards. Fine for yer seven of diamonds, less fine for my full art promo copy of Corroder.

Jnr was wide awake for most of the night wanting to have breakfast and chat from about 1am on.

Sat next to a woman on the bus who is breathing all over me to talk to her bf behind me (they’ve chosen to sit in this layout before I got on) and discussing how he “has the shits” and she feels really sick. Pray for Scout.


morning all

not at work today :smile: because I have a hospital appointment this afternoon :frowning: going to try and do stuff beforehand like put Christmas stuff back in the attic so I don’t just sit around all morning getting anxious, but we’ll see. worst care scenario I’ll just play Pokémon all morning and be done with it

They’re saying that between the 2 of then they spend £60 a month on milk.

Reckon that’s why they feel sick.


Only 6 more weeks til half term.

Not having this. Where do I lodge my official complaint about Mondays?