Monday, then


There’ll be so much tartare sauce in your bloodstream by the time the month is up. Did you find somewhere open in the end yesterday? Not sure if it’s still there but I’m pretty sure there was a lobster/seafoody place on Richmond Road near Patty & Bun.


Good luck bud! Just tell 'em you’re a successful record label mogul and they’ll throw the job right at you.


reminds me that i have a 1 hour Windows update to look forward to at some point in the next week or so. email about it says I should do it outside if working hours, good luck with that.


had a dream that I discovered human intelligence was networked and the government had secretly implanted augmented reality into our brains with versions that were specific to each person

I was infatuated with my friend and was jealously guessing his password. But by doing this, I accidentally entered his version of reality and met a woman who was meant to be our friend but I felt like I didnt’ have any memory of. Turned out he was in love with the woman and she had been implanted there. I thought about it but didn’t have the heart to tell him and logged back out.

then later there must have been a slight inconsistency, someone asking “who are you talking to?” or something, and I realised the one I was in love with had been the implanted one all along.

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Nah most things were closed so the tv cooked. Not planning to OD on it tbh but there are a few things I wanna try. Next up: crab bisque.


the other night I dreamt I had a fanny, I just had one, that was it

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Thread for places where if the next reply was the reply to the last one then it's amusing (rolling)

gonna write an epic bisexual novel based on this

Thread for places where if the next reply was the reply to the last one then it's amusing (rolling)

Pretty exhausted today people.

Early start not helped by neighbours getting home at about 11 and then smashing about until midnight for no discernible reason.

First full week at the new job after a fairly easy three days in a largely empty office last week so fingers crossed it goes ok.


Nah, J and E both sleep perfectly.

We don’t.

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Well except this morning :grimacing:?

F just likes to get up early. It was a terror up in Bris because it’s an hour behind so her normal awake of 6.30 became like 5.30 almost every morning. Some really hard to get through days when she just was the crabbiest of beasts!


Doing the opening shift at work. Probably going to be slow as hell.


I’m back here


My teabag split. Not a euphemism. Fuck this, I’m going home.

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You should start a thread, could be the successful reboot of the Tony/latte coffee odyssey that we all need.

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Best of luck man! If it’s in doubt get Leg Bop playing on your phone and moonwalk out of the room at the end. Maybe throw some finger guns in if you fancy running the place.

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Dont think he’s had a threesome?

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i pretended my computer screen was busted so i could sit on the other side of the office away from everyone. really trying to power through today so i can get home and play more red dead.


“Sure, I’ve not used SSAS before and yes that is part of the essential skills on the job spec, but I have created what Electronic Sound described as a ‘stalking techno banger’, sooooooo…”


No but he’ll leave the interview panel feeling like they just had one.


Pretty rainy out eh. Going to a netball club tonight, pretty nervous as I’ve not played since school but I think it’s going to be fun.