Monday then

What’s u doin’ huns??

I am cleaning the house and watching more Love is Blind

Then walking dog to the pub :wine_glass:


Meeting prep, meeting, follow-up actions from meeting, admin, quitting time when that’s all done.

Thrilling stuff.


Really damaged my heel somehow, couldn’t even get to the bus stop, what the hell.

morning in the office inducting a new start, and then backc home for an afternoon confidential project breifing and then a movie with some friends - jhon wick 4, which is funny because i can’t remember the third one at all

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Nae Coffee beans


Looking real sunny through the blinds

Will basically do whatever work is necessary to ensure I can get out for a good lunch walk and early afternoon walk

Just completely fucked up a teams message cos the sun was in my eyes but it’s already been thumbsed up so no point in correcting

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I only remember 1 with the dog and the guns in cement?

yeah, that’s part 1. part 2 was… fun, i think? ill try to watch a recap later on i think

Lots of work today and a big case of the cbas.


exactly this



Had to do a presentation at 7am and need to do the same one to different (but more) people at 4

Day’s basically a write off

Got therapy at lunch, will hopefully make it to yoga after work. Might hang some washing outside in a bit :scream_cat:

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Monday. Already out in town with the kids. Wife’s at work for a few hours this morning. I’ve got to go to the bank to pay in some cash and a cheque. New phone arriving this afternoon

Just bought some daffodils for my neighbour. Is there anything that cheap that brings as much happiness as a bunch of daffs (ofc i got myself some too :relieved:)

M is at “90s Space Jam!” holiday club so i taught her some gnarly 90s lingo and she is STOKED


On that note, I’ve somehow never seen this photo of Keanu before :star_struck:



Tex Avery Vintage Animation GIF


Trying a revolutionary new tactic today - try to be productive in the morning, then you’ll already feel good by the time the afternoon malaise hits

Though the sunbeam falling across my bed, begging me to read it in, is fucking up my carefully laid plans

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Morning, the sun is out so looking forward to a lunch walk once I’m free of meetings. Late to my first meeting as the cat I’m looking after wanted belly rubs which is obviously more important than a daily stand up.



Doing my best to work from home with an already-bored seven year old bouncing round the house on their easter holidays. It’s almost making me want to work in the office. ALMOST.

Anyway, the sun’s out, which is nice


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