Monday Thread (22/08/22)

Got loads of work to do and 3 day as off to Ireland on Thursday.
Still not made a decision re doughnut.

Hi. How is your Monday?

Office day. Ordered this while I was waiting for my train.

Those two things may be connected.


Are you all

  • Still in bed
  • Working hard
  • Considering a career change to an unfunny comedian

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In-laws coming round to decorate the living room shortly.

I’m going to the tip and then to do the shopping. And I will be taking my sweet time about it, so I don’t have to get involved in any painting or etc.

Got in bed at 10pm to prepare myself for work
Lay there for 3 hours with return to work anxiety and post booze sesh head mess. Eventually went to sleep had about 10 different nightmares.
Feel absolutely awful and have never been as tired in my life.

Any youngsters on here bit of advice, when you hit 42 don’t do 5 consecutive 12 hour drinking sessions. I think i’ve damaged myself


Morning @Unlucky et al :wave:

Had an OK sleep, mini s_w did alright so feeling fairly chipper today.

Been for a walk down the co-op and got a coffee and chocolate hazelnut croissant.

Got Sensory Storyteller class at 12pm but we are off to Scotland on Wednesday so need to start packing for that (who knew babies need so much stuff).

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Staying near Helensburgh but planning on lots of day trips! Meeting friends in Glasgow on Wednesday evening, then planning on heading to Oban, Loch Ness, etc. Really looking forward to it!

Also open to recommendations of things to do/places to visit!


Hello :wave:

Feel exhausted too, think I may need to have a break from drinking for a while :thinking:

Still waiting to hear from the bf, didn’t hear from him at all yesterday, I presume he’s still got no reception… :confused:

I don’t think I could’ve managed that when I was 32, let alone 42.


Nice bar in Helensburgh - La Jupe. Only other hings ive done there are Hill House and walked to Balloch, which is a lovely walk but dunno how doable it is with a baby.

Theres a fairy trail at Luss, which is nice little village on Loch Lomond but does get busy.

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Its also where i had my first greggs vgn steak bake (rip)

Thanks! Fairy trail sounds nice. Will look into that. :blush:

Quite a lot of threads started recently with the wrong dates. Is this some sort of reference to me not being married?

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For too long too many dates havent had 12s in imo

Woke up at 8, logged on to Teams and then went back to sleep until just now. Monday.


Morning all anyway :wave:

Just packed up our holiday chalet and ready to leave. Going to pop to a national trust place on the way home as the weather is nicer than forecast. Keeps the work dread at bay for a bit.

Ate so much food this weekend :yum:

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Hi everyone

I have a desk and a keyboard and a mouse and a monitor and a proper chair that supports my back! A revelation (been wfh for years but not had the space before, then I did have the space but procrastinated for months)

Anyway it’s quite decent. Got yoga and D&D later

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I’m 33 and don’t think I could do that now! :joy: