Monday THrEAd 23rd May

It’s my Sunday and I don’t need to be up until 8ish so of course I’m wide awake and laughing at my surprised arm freckles :open_mouth:

How are you today, fellow internet users?
What are you having for breakfast, lunch and dinner?
Have you heard the new album from Jonas Bjerre of Mew fame? Tachys :notes::musical_note::notes::musical_note: it’s really quite lovely.
Wishing all a good day :sloth:

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I’ve got a plate of roast leftovers for breakfast, so excited :yum:

It’s my Friday. That’s about it really

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Cat Party GIF by Nebraska Humane Society


Just realised the earlier I get up and start eating stuff the more I can consume before we have to leave.

There’s a whole tub of ice cream that needs eating.

  • You’re the hero the world needs right now :woman_superhero:
  • I wonder if there’s any tiffin left :thinking:

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  • There will be tiffin left
  • It will all be gone
  • There will be some left but you can’t eat it because you’ve already had your fair share

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I ate all my tiffin :weary: i wish i saved some it was the best

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Morning all!

All of my classes are finished on Mondays now so I’m using my day putting together a presentation for an interview.

Wor Lass is having a spa afternoon in Edinburgh so I’m collecting The Child later instead of playing football. I’m using leftover roast ham to make Singapore noodles for tea.

@Gnometorious - I don’t think I’ve ever eaten tiffin but it doesn’t seem like my sort of cake (fruit bread? biscuit?).

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logs in to work, books friday off

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Maybe someone will make you more tiffin in the future :wink::blush:

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Stuck in a ridiculously long and slow queue for departures/security at Gatwick. :rage:

First Monday working since the start of April, not really into it lads I must say.

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Barely slept, lads. 8 weeks left until :canada:.


Morning all
Rather tired and hungover after a very enjoyable black country new road gig last night (“BCNR are friends forever!”). Completely avoided all football as well yesterday which did wonders for my state of mind

Caught the feels for someone i said i wouldn’t catch the feels for so that’s all a bit of a headfuck for a monday

tiffin rocks

Rocky Road-esque minus the marshmallows?



Today is also my Sunday, and im STILL FUCKING ILL :tired_face:. Coughing and shivers and whatnot, relieved I’m still off but I’d better be a bit improved tomorrow for work. Such bullshit man

Did see my daughter yesterday for a lovely sunny coffee/ beach hang so that’s good. And the cat sitting sitch for Glastonbury is now sorted which is a huge relief (my daughters boyfriends going to live in cat sit)

Wet here, hopefully I’ll manage to do something slightly enjoyable or productive


Cycled to work for the first time. Still sweaty. No change of clothes. Mistakes have been made.


At work. Glad for a break from house packing tbh.

Need to dismantle the spare bed when I get home this afternoon.

Yeah tiffin is far superior to rocky road imho

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Only just had my first coffee of the day, because once again we’ve run out of milk. I really need to do something about how frequently we run out of milk. We did look into getting a milkman a while back. Maybe I should look again.