Monday thread (bank holiday edition)


Morning all. Been awake since half 6, why do you do this, brain?

What’s everyone got lined up today?


I’m working :frowning2: hoping to live vicariously through this thread though. Hope you all have a very nice day!!!



well I didn’t get up at 7
it’s raining so I’m not gonna do the gardening

might still go for a run though



I’ve got homework to do at some point and I’m playing football later this afternoon.


Watching blaze and the monster machines and drinking espresso. Standard.

Gonna make huevos rancheros in a bit then wander down to the food festival.


Morning all,

Also have some homework to do. Which I should have done last week when I worked from home but leaving it til the last possible moment seemed like a better idea. Though meeting a nice colleague to do some of it the pub with nice food.

Need to get my phone unlocked too, which I’m hoping will be painless but have no experience in this.

Gonna make coffee and eat panettone for breakfast.


I was also awake at 6. But that’s because I forgot to switch off the weekday alarm I have set up on my phone.


I’m in a Premier Inn in Chichester. Just about to go down for breakfast. Then off out for the day.

I might pop into the Dark Star Brewery on the way home. Although I’d imagine it’s closed today.


I’ve got a to for the first time in 15 years and watch blaze almost constantly :grinning:

Selling a load of stuff on eBay and it’s well exciting. Loads of bids and watchers after 12 hours!

Ended up watching The House Bunny and Skins (weird Spanish film) last night with a few people who turned up. Company is nice.


I’m so sorry things have turned out this way


Morning all

Doing a couple of hours of work this morning then the TV is coming back from a stag weekend so probably just hanging out with him after that. Had a really full-on weekend so just using today to recover a bit


Good morning, Mr Partridge.


Trying to find a ticket for Los Campesinos! tonight like the wet blanket that I am. Makes me miss, that was always a good place to find tickets to sold out shows.


Walking to work in the rain listening to burzum.


Going away and staying in a Premier Inn for one night is a bad thing?


No course not! Actually, I have no idea where Chichester is?


My plans for the day involve visiting a National Trust property and then shopping for curtains. Buckle up, Eric: this is going to be a hell of a ride.


Christ, I feel dreadful.

Need to go the post office (Budgens with a post office in the back) and am supposed to have a penoid tournament in the pub this evening but I’m not sure if I can face it.


Hi. Last full day of our holiday today. Doing a Croatian wine tasting session this afternoon. Don’t want to go home.


Morning, no plans at all really - might write a couple of reviews for my blog, have a nap later, go for a walk.