Monday thread (daytime) (30 Jan 2022)

Good morning all :wave: how are you?

I’ve been up since 5.30am. Currently on my way to Stafford for a meeting - will take recommendations for where to get some lunch if anyone has any. The route from Norfolk to this part of Staffordshire is particularly circuitous and includes 2.5 hours on a cramped CrossCountry train (not one of the nice ones). But I have a seat and remembered my flask of tea.

Yep, the train network in England is totally normal

Anyway, without further ado here’s the :sun_with_face: DAYLIGHT UPDATE! :sun_with_face:

:sunny: :crescent_moon: Daylight :heavy_plus_sign:
King’s Lynn 07:44 16:39 08:54:47 +3:24
London 07:42 16:45 09:03:34 +3:14
Glasgow 08:15 16:45 08:30:12 +3:55
Manchester 07:57 16:47 08:49:27 +3:31
The Beer Factory, Devon 07:52 17:04 09:11:33 +3:04
Newcastle 08:01 16:38 08:37:37 +3:46
Cardiff 07:54 16:58 09:03:45 +3:13
Belfast 08:16 16:57 08:40:46 +3:42

After yesterday’s triple-milestone extravaganza, there’s very little to report today, other than to say that you are all further away from the darkest day of the year than you were 24 hours ago.

Have a good day :blush:


Pls not Monday :cold_face::skull:

Work is going to be horrible this week

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Overslept. Tired. Fed up. Hate everything. But…today is my Friday. And I finish at 1.30. so going for a walk after work and making a butter paneer for dinner tomorrow. Might do a nice pasta dish for dinner tonight


morning ccb scout safari richt otto


passed the 5 o’clock milestone today :grin:


Every Monday I chair a 10:00am meeting and today I simply do not want to do it.

The bed is warm and cosy. I am happy when in the bed. Making me get out of bed is a vile and wretched act.

But anyway, have a good day all!

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Morning all!

I’m working from a different campus today so I can do a walk around/ meet and greet with the other union rep.

I’m quite looking forward to it but I’m struggling to assemble all of the things I need to take with me before I leave. I even wrote a list last night but missed off important things.

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should be a straightforward work day, may try to make use of this by tidying in between tasks

pub quiz tonight, not sure I cba as I find the quizman kinda stressful

listening to Bad Moon Rising for the SY listening club, weird vibes for a sunny Monday morn

second coffee soon


Was feeling like a bit of a shirker based on my perception of how much I got done last week, but when I wrote it all down it was actually more than I thought. Celebrated by reading lots of niche wikipedia articles.

Sunny! :muscle:

Big fan of the aviary in Stafford Victoria park


Coincidentally i’m in Stafford today too, but, i’m in the office on a tech park just outside of town!

Lovely park isnt it. Lunch wise, it depends what kind of thing you’re after. Wok Stop is good for takeaway noodles. Otherwise it’s mostly chain places in town. Ooh that cafe in the park actually does a nice sandwich!

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Another Monday it is, get paid tonight/tomorrow morning so that’s nice. An hour of meetings left then determined to go for a walk as I didn’t leave the sofa on Sunday. Need some inspiration for a birthday present for my mom.

The weirdest thing happened this morning, I was watching stories on Instagram and an advert came up for a cafe in town with video shot through the window OF MY LITTLE SISTER WALKING PAST then the camera pans around to the cakes. I’m sure it was just a weird coincidence but what are the chances they filmed that when G, who doesn’t live here just happened to be walking past?!




High Five Season 2 GIF by The Office


where’s the latest cooking or baking thread gone?

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A very quiet morning here. The highlight is a sainsburys delivery that’s due, where apparently they don’t have any Baking Potatoes. WHAT?!

Tesco was out of any cocoa powder (except for the pricey Dr Oetker stuff) until mid-Feb! finding the weirdest product shortages lately

Anything you’d recommend?

A lot of the time when products disappear off the shelves is because there’s ongoing price discussions between the supermarket and the supplier, and the supermarket is playing hardball, but I wouldn’t have thought that would impact fresh veg so much?

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Just done my final assessment for my course. Presentation with a really horrible q&a where I just could not get to grips with what the guy wanted to know for any of his questions