Monday thread featuring, you've guessed it, 🌞 **DAYLIGHT UPDATE!** 🌞

Bit knackered, flew home from Denmark last night, and then had to finish a job application before midnight… And today I need to be in London for work.

Stopped by McDo’s on the way to the station to ease my woes with a hash brown and a flatbread. Ordered, waited quite a while and then a manager apologised that they didn’t have any flatbreads. So instead they gave me a McSpicy, an egg and cheese breakfast roll and a double sausage breakfast roll. Now I have more McDo’s than I know what to do with.

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Soo after drinking wine for three days I’m feeling a bit depressed and anxious today. Stupid delicious wine. Shakes fist.


Started the week with a stretch :slight_smile:

Got leftover pizza for lunch and leftover curry for dinner :sunglasses:

I am fucking freezing :cold_face:

Think I might have spotted a DiSer in the wild yesterday, at Wimpole Hall…

In December I saw the northern lights, standing in a golf course car park while Iceland underwent a freak winter storm with -20 degree 50mph winds. Can’t help but think that’s the only way it should be experienced.

Have a good Monday/week everyone! I feel much better today than I have the past two weeks, which is a relief because I’ve got stuff on that I really don’t want to cancel.

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Also, just in-case of the slim chance that people here miss the pinned thread:

Afternoon (just),

In the office today, it’s painfully quiet the side I’m sat now. Things are (hopefully) going to change soon though so that’s good (on a work front).

Got a mushroom pasta thing for lunch which i’m looking forward to.

Not much else to report tbh.


Ooh lovely

@avery just farted, loudly, twice, while I was on a 121 call with a colleague and obviously NOT on mute.

If you were me would you

  • Ignore it, hope they didn’t hear
  • Say “sorry my partner just farted in the background, IT WASN’T ME”

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My hand modelling debut has been cancelled!!


Where is thewarn?

Is that because you told them that your hand doesn’t get out of bed for less than $10,000?


hate when i run out of milk during the day when i’m working from home because i go to the shop and buy too much food. buy too many reduced to clear things that need to be eaten today, and also end up picking up some hot food that i really don’t need. ate too much at lunch and now feel rubbish.

one of the reasons i wanted to buy milk was so i could make some porridge and then later make some scrambled eggs but i just ate shite instead.

need to keep a better eye on milk levels in the evenings.

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They were offering a single doughnut as payment. Pfft!


we’re an oat milk household, so would be so easy to get a big stock in and not risk running out for ages - as it has such a long shelf life

instead, obviously we just buy one at a time and regularly wake up to inadequate milk supplies and have to drag ourselves to the shops muttering angrily


working at friends to cat sit, dont have wifi code, having to hotspot off my phone - everything is going slowwwww

I reckon you’ve dodged a bullet there. It would have started off all innocent, with the promise of sweet baked goods, and before you know it your hand is jetting off to Paris, Milan, New York and won’t have any time for you any more


Not been around for months now. Since the summer maybe

not long arrived in london for a shindig tonight. sitting in my hotel room doing a bit of work whilst also watching some tv.
the hotel room has robes so have decided to put one on. :slight_smile: