Monday thread for Monday (today)

Alright? Off to work then the supermarket, I imagine both will be excruciating. How does Monday look for you then eh?

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+Got a nice little riding tour in an hour with only two guests and me riding (as ooposed to walking)

-Shitty start to the day due to an incredibly classic misunderstanding between my dad and me over the phone

+Think I got the rest of the day off after noon-ish!?


Nice feeling this morning opening all the downstairs windows and it being nice and cool. Some perks to the tiny human alarm clock’s early wake up call.

Ex is being a complete dick over R visiting his grandad tomorrow and making a bunch of demands and things and I so much want to tell him to fuck off :disappointed:

Making curry and pakora later though, so that is good


In bed with some tea, got a lot of phonecalls to make today. Might make an admin to do thread so I can be congratulated on each one I manage.


Morning everyone!

It’s the start of a week of holiday at home, and it also happens to be my birthday. I was woken up before seven by the five year old demanding that my celebrations start right away, and we’re going out for a full English brunch mid morning (which currently feels like hours away). If the forecast looks good we might go canoeing at Ardingly reservoir, and I’ve been promised banoffee pie later too.


HBR.O! :partying_face::tada::beers:


Happy birthday @rob.orch! :tada:

Cant beleive august came through with that good weather I love and complain about but still really love. Have got to do some job searching this week, my career change which worked great for 2 years has been completely decimated by COVID19 and I have no idea what to do, but will find a good tree in my favourite park, pack a picnic every day this week and sit in the shade and try to find something that’ll let me work from home


This is a good idea.

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Just finished three consecutive 12 hour night shifts.
That’s my hours done for the week :tada:


Happy Birthday Rob! :partying_face::man_dancing:

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Happy birthday rob!! :partying_face: :cake: :apple:

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I was feeling quite good at about ten to 7, woken by my neighbour getting ready for her weekly 7am virtual personal training session in the garden.

Then I got 2x messages from my ex at bang on 7am which threw me off track a bit. Eeesh

Anyway, gonna try and have a productive and positive day topped off with some fantasy role playing this evening :+1:

Happy birthday! :partying_face::birthday::balloon::cake::tada:


Greetings from Hoogy HQ

I’ll be here all day, every day


Just remembered the Essex library reservation system is back online and went on a reserving spree for R and me


morning all :wave:

off work today, need to think up some plans for the day ASAP. my wife is going to an exhibition at Tate Britain (I think) and I was half thinking of going with her into London but couldn’t really think of a good reason to do so - best I could come up with was to go to Doughnut Time and get a massive doughnut. probably not worth the trip just for that tbh.

think there will be tidying up, playing games and maybe a bit of coding, can’t see today being particularly active :confused:

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Happy birthday R! This is the type of increasing R number that I like to celebrate.


Going to climb Scafell Pike with the kids. After 10 days living in a motorhome, I’m tempted to leave them up there.


Possible my eating out to help out this eve.

After working all bloody day

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Happy holibirthiday!