Monday thread for Monday (today)

Ain’t climbed a mountain in way too long. Might just drive up on my own one day like a hermit with something to prove.

Think it was there that I had an Aphex shirt on once and someone was like “eh! Aphex Twin!” Loved that shirt, always got me chatting w ppl


:sob: found my hopper friend on the carpet this morning and it wasn’t good news

Sat in bed with the mrs. Neither of us want to break the magic of the weekend by actually working but in 45 mins it’s all over :frowning: worst

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I thought @Slicky’s admin thread was the daily thread.

Got some things to post and some food to buy but I’m planning on finishing Spider-Man today at some point. If I am lucky, I’ll be able to see the exam results for my class before close of play tonight.

Playing D&D tonight. Possibly drinking fizzy wine.

Back to work after a lovely week off


happy birthday big man

:tada: :birthday:

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gf officially starts mat leave today :open_mouth: we’re not due til mid october but she had a shit ton of annual leave left over and the power combo of maternity and depression exhaustion was kicking her arse so HR just said hey why dont you sack work off early? and she was like :sparkles: dream come true. so no work for her til like this time next year or something. prob let her have a lie in


Happy birthday @rob.orch!

Why is everyone having birthdays all of a sudden


Christmas parties


Boring post but I’ve just inspected my loaf tin after yesterday’s DISASTER and there seems to be plastic melted down the side which has welded itself on, as molten plastic is privy to doing when it cools. So probably gonna have to buy a new loaf tin which is a real blow. It never even completed it’s debut bake </3
STILL. Onwards Christian soldiers and all that.


Greetings from ynot HQ, it looks rather glorious outside, I might go for a walk in a bit.

As its the start of the month works going to be busy, but someone has come back from furlough today. Only Monday and Tuesday for now, but it should help a bit


The toilet is blocked, today is my first day back at work but I’ve got to sort out the toilet instead first. This is just hell on earth.

Had a nice pistachio smoothie and I’m going to do some exercise if my back allows.

Cat is not happy about me having my laptop out.

Happy birthday mate, have a great day. I do like a banoffee pie.

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:frowning: hope the toilet issue is fixed quickly and with ease

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Ah a good old garden stick has solved the problem. I’ve been chucking the cat poos down there and I was worried that some of the litter had properly blocked it but it was just all the poos of the family at one time and too much toilet paper. How lush.

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Oooff, lovely! Glad it’s sorted now though :slight_smile:

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just had my sainsbos delivery, they’ve substituted worcester sauce for a jar of sliced lemons

  • the order picker doesn’t know what worcester sauce is
  • sliced lemons are actually the natural replacement for worcester sauce
  • they were next to each other on the shelf
  • a good and funny joke by the order picker

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When life doesn’t give you lemons, make Worcestershire sauce.

Hb ro! :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

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I’m off work today. About to cycle into Brighton which is a good 10 miles (a lot for me, especially as I’ve done very little exercise lately).

Wish me luck.

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