Monday thread for Monday (today)

He wouldn’t believe me that that was 2 socks so I had to video myself unfolding them


Well I can sort of see that. Prefer a pattern so I can keep lefties and righties united.

Deffo not insane (or if you are, there are two of us). This used to drive me mad, especially because the socks aged at a different rate so you’d have socks that were different shades of very dark grey. Ease of pairing is a big reason I moved to coloured socks.

happy birthday @rob.orch hope you’re having a lovely.


tbf i have doubts over there being more than one sock in that picture

Yes! Exactly

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what is this sorcery


i hate this coz i used to buy “”““identical””“”" socks and when you accidentally pair up a couple that are slightly different its the worst low level annoyance of them all. now i only wear jazzy socks like the king i am


Were they on top of your head, like some not-very-funny comedy sketch?

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I just don’t like the idea that one might get a hole in it before the others through being worn more often, then you have an odd number of socks and that’s unacceptable.

ALSO, and this might be where I reveal that I am fully insane, a pair of socks belongs together, and if they get paired with the wrong socks, they’ll be sad. :sob:

Just told the aforementioned friend about this and he says we can’t be friends anymore

Afternoon DiS. It’s a Bank Holiday here so I’m going for a walk to drink a can by the river. GF and I are very tired after repainting our sitting room over the weekend.

Ah, see I sometimes, where if the pattern is reasonably similar, I’ll match them up regardless- mostly with odd socks but not always.

oh you are fucking joking



you never seem to get the hang of these do you


Ah m9.

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fuck sake


In bed got migraine

Starting to get really embarrassed by how often this is happening and guilty about not being at my desk whilst I wait for it to pass/sleep it off